Arafes 2013 Goods Report

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OK, just like previous year, Aiba D is here again to promote his designed Arafes Goods LOL
Hey…. i try buying only items which i think can be used in my daily life, i try to save… but Aiba D is tempting me!! LOL

Logo taken from Johnnys Net

p/s: Words in colors are member’s phrase.


This year, it’s light red color. (KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA i always wanted goods in red!!!)
There’ll be member’s face wearing sun glasses design on top of Arafes Catch Copy, and it’s kinda artistic.

Aiba cant decide whether to just put in simple Arashi logo, or push the Arafes Catch Copy, but then he decide to make it more “interesting”, so that’s the result of his design.

The material was kinda soft, so it’ll be kimochi-ii to wear it during summer.
Aiba said the length for the tshirt previously are quite short, so he decided to make the length longer this time.
He said you definitely can wear it even for normal use!
(HEY, Aiba-chan…………….. you’re too tall, that’s why tshirt is short for you LOL Concert tshirt is always too big and too long for me…orz…)

Sho’s reaction when he saw the tshirt.
KAWAII !! Aiba-kun’s fav style!!

The point for this year is “sunglass”.

Just like tshirt, the logo mark will features sunglass too.

Shopping bag and wall stickers will use the logo with sunglass design too.

Wall stickers

Wall stickers are luminescence type. When your room is bright, it will accumulate the light, and when your room is dark, it will shine.
I already paste it in my room! You can see it shining there when you sleep, so it’s kinda fun. I think kids will enjoy it. And can enjoy pasting and removing it

Shopping bag

The color will be fresh ice blue, some sort like mint color.
It’s a boxer bag type, and the logo with sunglass will be printed on it.
It’s a simple design.
At first Aiba was undecided whether to make it a big tote bag, or boxer bag.
He said, It’s rare that there’s no poster in goods line-up
So he decided to make it boxer bag, which he has been thinking for quite long time ago, the type where you can carry on your back.
And when you carry it on your bag, the logo will come to the right position.
(Boxer bag? Oh… i would prefer tote bag LOL but i think it should be cute!! The first time in Arashi goods ne!)

And also he was thinking maybe some people likes to carry it on single hand, so he makes sure that the belt for shoulder is adjustable.
And also it’s “2-way” for the handle to carry the bag. The bag could be closed with the rope, so there’s no worry that things inside will be seen.

Aiba said he cares about the combination between tshirt and bag the most.
When he was thinking of the bag’s color, red, orange, white…..
Red bag is kawaii… but i wanna the tshirt to be red… white is kawaii too.. but it gets dirty easily outside…

I wanna put logo in both bag and tshirt, but i think it’s a bit too “noisy”, so i decided to put it on only one item, and i chose bag. Yappari it’s kawaii on bag, especially when you carry it on your back

Beads cushion

Just like wall stickers, the theme for this year’s goods is things you can use when you bought it back. (YEAH!!!! )
When you look at it, it’s the feeling of “YEAHH Arafes is coming soon”, and after the live concert, you still can flash back when looking at the item.

The beads cushion can be used at the stadium, or you can put it beside your pillow when you go back.

During meeting, they did one sample, big size one. and you can squeeze it when you put it on your knee.
It can fit into the boxer bag, and it’s not that big too, i think this size should be ok for ladies

He checked on all the materials, cotton, beads etc, and after feeling every of them, he thinks beads are the best.
It looks like it’s living! Kawaii ne! (What a way to decide.. lol)

They never produced cushion before this.
It’s kinda high risk and challenging item LOL

But members were praising when they saw the item.
They said it’s kimochi-ii to touch it!

The front part is Arashi logo mark, and the back part….
HAIR !!!
The hair is quite long!
(HAHAHAHAHA, so that means… the front part will be face with sunglass, then the back part of cushion is the back part of head?? KYAAAAAAAA sounds kawaii!!!)

Key cover set

It’s orange, blue, red key cover with ring style carabiner.
Key cover is with arashi logo mark.

Cup and Ice tray 3 types

I want three of them!! I definitely will buy three of them!!
Cup and Ice tray also comes with 3 types (color), orange, red, blue.
It’s resin material. For orange, it’s colorful catch copy logo, for red and blue it’s the Arashi logo mark in sunglass.
And it comes with Arashi logo mark’s shape big ice cube tray!
At first he thought of those normal ice tray, but then he was thinking maybe people will stop using it after tying once, so he comes with the idea of this big ice cube shape and cup.
And the ice tray, it’s silicon material and heat-resistant, can use to make jelly or chocolate.

Muffler towel with hood

It’s a typical item for outdoor concert. The length will be longer this year, so that not easier to get sun-tanned, from shoulder to hand.
It’s white with catch copy logo, and the hood will be the Arashi logo mark with sunglass.

Tshirt + shopping bag + hood towel, this’s the collaboration that comes to my mind, and the way i decide the color

Amazing sunglasses (Kidsline)

You can see Arashi logo mark shining there when you look at the specs.
Actually Aiba wanted to produce this in last Arafes. But it’s not in time for production last year, so this time he’s determined.

Member’s reaction.
OHHHH you can see it clearly!
The light far away could be seen beautiful ne


The part to hold it and the strap will be the same red color as tshirt. And the light part will be catch copy logo’s shape and it’s thin and compact.
(EH… as thin as last year? (°口°;)


Two type. One is Member with jacket style in front of Arashi log mark, looking cool.
Another one is casual type at beach in front of box with word “嵐”, “フ”, “ェ”, “ス”, “13”.

Jumbo uchiwa

Arashi holding mini version box of “嵐”, “フ”, “ェ”, “ス”, “13”.

So… can anyone please tell me how to not go bankrupt? LOL

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6 Comments on “Arafes 2013 Goods Report”

  • Sha
    27 7月, 2013, 18:25

    Kyaaaaaaaa! They are all such good ideas!!! Lol he has already tried the stickers in his room:P and the ice trays can be used for different thing:) Choose wisely:D and hope u got those tickets!

  • 27 7月, 2013, 18:46

    but where’s money when you need it :”'(((

    btw, thank you so much for translating this ^^

  • amivie neski
    27 7月, 2013, 20:10

    aiba-chan.. you going to make me broke!! T__T  but I really feel like buying all of them!! but that won’t do me good~ huhuhuhuh~ thanks rei-san for translating.. have a nice weekend!

  • nik
    27 7月, 2013, 22:14

    just by reading this, i cant wait to see the goods!!!!
    waku waku~ ^_^
    demo the price chotto ne….huhu…money dont grow on trees!!! why??

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