Huge Arashi Poster in Shinjuku

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Arashi here and there in stations in Tokyo.
This was taken in early July at Shinjuku station, and I’m not sure whether the posters are still there.
There were lots of AU posters in stations in Tokyo last July.
Even at the small station near my house, I can see their poster everyday, hang on the station’s wall.
So it’s like saying “Tadaima” to them whenever I am back from work 😳

Arashi Huge AU Poster in Shinjuku Station

Yeah, it's really HUGE... I was quite shy to take pics actually.. just snapped quicky and ran away..

You can check out their CM at the official homepage, Movie:ARASHI
30 short movies for viewing! This year, the CMs are so comical, much better than last year..
But I think the posters are not really that good looking.. five of them are toooo “serious looking”, I would prefer smiling face~~ 😀

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