Waku Waku 2013 Report Part 7

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Part 1 ~ 6 has cover the whole Waku Waku Event, only some part of the lessons were different, for example featuring on different members for certain topics. Part 7 will cover Matsumoto Sensei’s “Tic Tac” lesson focused on Sho’s message.
For those who doesnt know Matsumoto Sensei’s lesson’s content, maybe you should read the following before reading this.
Waku Waku 2013 Part 4 (Matsumoto Sensei)
I’m skipping all the details~
And the report isnt that good because Sho’s message is hard to relay… he uses those very “deep” words (in terms of meaning or feeling), and most of them are only expression in japanese language.. hope it’s understandable..

Once again the letter by Sho in Japanese were quotes from websites, i’m really not so capable to jot down all of it.


Yahoo! (pronounce as YAHO) ← In his usual low tone voice~~
To me in year 2023. Konnnichiha, 2023 me.
2013.06.30 now, there are so many people here in Tokyo Dome. (Jun starts to point his videocam to the audience)
How’s it? Me in 2023, regardless where is it, are five of you still standing on the same stage ?
I really feel “parupunte” on what will happen 10 years later. (“Parupunte” is a term used in Japanese game, Dragon Quest, i think it’s first used by Aiba chan many years ago, then the word became “popular” among them and Sho likes to use it, describing urm… means feeling “????” ← anyone understand what i want to say? LOL means dunno what will happen, having no idea at all.)
When i was 11, i wanted to become a profesional soccer player.
When i was 21, i did a drama and i was a childcare worker in it. (It’s “Yoiko no Mikata”, i love it!)
When i was 31, i was filming “Kamisama no Karte” at Matsumoto City.
What will i be doing when i am 41, i’m really feeling “parupunte” (Using the word again!! LOL Dome laughs)
But i have a dream. That’s when all Arashi members welcomed their 60th birthday, we can wear the see-through “chan-chan-ko”.
I’m only 41 10 years later. I still cant go “see-through” yet.
Are the other four beside you?
The aim is to watch this video in Tokyo Dome again in 2023.
Have your shoulder goes up a bit? (HAHHAHAHAHAHAH talking about his own “nadegata”)
Is your waist bending? (HAHAHAHAHA)
I hope you’re still singing and dancing 10 years later.
Urm.. i realized, i’m talking on my own too much. (HAHHAHAHAHA)
And time limit is here.
Time to say farewell to me in 2023.
Do continue to push yourself forward and upwards in whatever you do. (This last part sounds really sincere, the Sho that keeps on sprinting on his life..)
Bye~ (He said the english “Bye~~” in a very cute way!!)

Chan-chan-ko is a japanese clothes, similar to “yukata”?? which is wore mostly by old ojisan and obasan LOL
The red color below.

Sho’s message was really……..”sasuga”…
Other members, Nino and Aiba, they tend to stop and think for a while (well, that’s NATURE!!) but he can talk there non-stop, serious contents but in joyful way.
He remembers what he did when he was 11, 21, 31…
I was kinda touched when i heard this part..
What was i doing in my 10 years ago……….

Gomennasai.. There are so much feeling in it..

And also dream ne

It’s joint liability, i will make sure you all also goes “see-through” together with me!

As usual, when Sho’s having his video taken, the other three at the back keep posing LOL

10 years later… hmmm… what will i be doing? I’m also “parupunte” !!! LOL
Will they still be on stage? SMAP has been on stage for 25 years, i think they can too, but i just hope he can live the way he likes, i’m sure he can!
Sho-chan, remember as long as five of you are on stage, i’ll go for every of the concerts 泣き顔


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  • Mega
    27 7月, 2013, 7:46

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    Aaaaa sho message to sho ten years later :3 i want to look the part that he said “bye” with english, that is exactly kawai ne~ can you post the photo for us rie-san? you can take from the video >.< i hope arashi still be on stage until i'm old and have child or grandchild. And then i and my child or (grandchild) always talking about them together, kyaaa-ing sho together :3, singing their song everyday in our house (LOL) 

    rei125 Reply:

    Added in the “Bye” capture~~

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    thank you so much for translating!! it was a nice thing leaving a message for your future self. like you have some kind of guidance from yourself.. if you ever lost your way, just look back at yourself and you get this feeling ‘ah this is what I suppose to do.. ‘ or ‘I forgot that it was my goal to be ….’ it was a nice lesson and leave a very deep impression on me.. thank you so much for sharing waku-waku 2013’s report.. I really enjoy reading them! ^0^ and have a nice weekend!!

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