Arafes 2013 Song Vote

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I would like to thank many readers who wished me good luck in Arafes tickets.
I still cant apply because the system keeps hanging since the first day the application starts LOL
Hopefully i can apply in time and of course win it.
And, there is reader asking me which songs i vote for Arafes.
So, i am revelating my vote today!! *Jyajyajya—–n* LOL

I’m having real headache choosing 10 songs for each categories.
I started picking up since the first day the vote started.. keep on changing and changing and changing for more than 5 times.
Everytime i open my notebook, go through my song list, and then on my ipod and start listening to songs again and again…
Whenever i heard other songs which are not in my list,, my votes are reshuffle again… LOL
I just cant choose !!! How to choose only 10 out of so many good songs there??? 泣き顔

And the deadline is today, whether i want it or not, i still gotta pick up only 10 songs for each category!!
And… i’ve finally sent out my request..
No more changes could be made.

Hmm.. sometimes i really think that i don’t need Arafes, I want “OreFest” just like what Jun said last year, meaning they sing the songs which they feel like singing~
Anyway, whatever the result it, i’m sure we can enjoy their performance though.
But still of course, there are some songs which i really pray hard that they’ll sing…
The vote is done with ranking order.
We can vote 10 songs, No 1 with 10 points, No2 with 9 points, No3 with 8 points…. No.10 with 1 point. So they will calculate base on the points for each songs and choose the top 10 for Arafes i guess.


1. Breathless

I love this dance !!!! I wanna see it live!! It’s my Ichiban for recent single!!)

2. Endless Game

Endless game is another one which i like!! Although i guess they will sing Breathless and Endless Game in this year end album tour, but there’s no assurance that i can get a ticket, so anyway just vote!


One of the oldies that i love!

4. 言葉より大切なもの (Kotoba yori taisetsu na mono)

HIGH !!! I love this with, hadashi no mirai as one set~

5. 明日の記憶 (Ashita no Kioku)

My No.1 in last year’s vote :p but it’s not chosen

6. サクラ咲ケ (Sakura Sake)

Although we have heard this many times, but i just love to raise my hand and sing together!!

7. 風の向こうへ (Kaze no Mukou E)

I just love the rhythm!!

8. Hero

Reminds me of the unforgetable 24hr tv. Everytime i heard this, the scene Sho hugging Aiba flashed back.

9. Face Down

Another recent single which i love so much! Put it in lower rank because it’s performed quite a few times in recent concerts

10. ハダシの未来 (Hadashi no Mirai)

Actually i love this song and i wanna dance if possible in EVERY YEAR’S concert!! But since we can choose only 10, i gave priority to the other favorite songs which they seldom perform, especially “Ashita no Kioku”

It’s so hard to force myself to give up “Aozora Pedal” (Ahh.. Sho’s “Ahhh~~~~~” part!!!), and also “Hatenai Sora” (Ahhhh….), and also Monster (Ahhhhh,, the dance!!!) and also “To Be Free”, and also “A.RA.SHI” !!!!
Tell me, how to choose !!!!!


Another tough one compared to single, coupling songs are more than singles…..

1. snowflake

I hope this time, the dream for them to sing this song will become reality…

2. Intergalactic

Intergalatic is the BEST coupling for recent singles!!

3. 僕が僕のすべて (Boku ga Boku no subete)

Ahhh… this song is very touching.. remember when “gasshuku” DVD, when they’re planning for Beautiful World concert, Sho raised up his hands and said he wanted to sing this song, but this song is not included in BW. I hope i can hear this in Kokuritsu!!!
僕は僕の 人生も運命も 抱きしめてゆこう
ひとつひとつが 輝くために
春夏秋冬を 走って 走って 走って 走って
今ここにいる 僕が僕のすべて それだけは変わらない

4. 明日に向かって吠えろ (Ashita ni mukatte hoero)

I wanna shout HIGH and wave at Kokuritsu!!! LOL

5. オーライ (Alright)

I didnt put this song in the list but when i relisten to it few days ago, i found that it’s quite high and suitable for concert, so i would like to anticipate them performing this.

6. Still

This is a very hard to make decision. We’ve heard it many times, too much until maybe you’ll feel you’re sick with it.. so i was thinking, that’s enough.. but when i just started the music…. i cant stop myself from giving it a vote.. Yeah.. this song is tooooooo good… And Sho’s rap in it, i just cant resist…

7. 時計じかけのカケラ (Tokei jikake no Umbrella)

They performed already last year,,, but…… just love the tango dance!!

8. 二人の記念日 (Hutari no Kinenbi)

If possible i wanna hear this during winter!!! LOL The lyrics are tooooooooooooooo sweet and Sho’s rap are toooooooooooooooooooooooo romantic!!!

9. Future
10. Boom Boom

I’ve shuffled this coupling a lot of times.
I chose “ALl or Nothing” first, quite high in rank, because i really love this song, but it’s a very difficult to sing song, i guess it’s hard to join them in singing in Kokuritsu, so i gave up in the end.
And also “Gori muchu”, “How to fly”, “Yurase Ima wo”… Bye Bye… 泣き顔
Tell me how to choose !!!!


Ahhhh another headache one LOL (everything also headache)
I took the longest time to choose album songs….


This vote was made without any doubt. Since last year, i’ve always put it in my ichiban vote, but they never sing… i hope this year i can hear it…


Riida played it as his lesson’s VTR background BGM ne, maybe more fans will starts to vote for this? :p

3. テ・アゲロ (Te Agero)

HIGH !!!

4. Summer Splash!

It’s summer!!!

5. Once Again

Chose this because i like the sakurap in it!

6. 5×10

7. Yes? No?

Yo check my flow
向かってくる風 髪束なびかせ
君まで 僕さえ 乗り越え行く 壁
Yes? (Yes) No? (no) 毎日 on reflection
加えてこのDef soul(Def soul)
Let’s go!!

8. Blue

A very slow and sad melody, actually i vote this, hoping that Sho will play piano just like what he did in their How’s it going concert

9. movin’ on

10. Re(mark)able

“Akashi”, “Up to you”, “Mada minu sekai e”, “Pallette”, “Firefly”, “La tormenta 2004” etc etc etc etc etc etc etc …….
Tell me how to choose ?!!!!!! LOL


Solo is the one easiest to choose except for Aiba, coz i love all Aiba’s song, just dunno which one to choose.

Aiba: いつかのSummer (Itsuka no Summer)

Since i dunno which one to choose, just choose the earliest one, which i’ve never heard him singing in live before.

Jun: Yabai-Yabai-Yabai

Thought of choosing “Shake-it”, just cant resist the “waist dance” ? but he has sang this a lot of times, so chose one cute one.

Ohno: Song for me

Actually, i like Riida’s voice, but i found that his songs are all the same category everytime… the style and the music category, so…. any one is ok for me (Riida fan’s dont scold me.. )

Nino: どこにでもある唄 (Doko ni demo aru uta)

I prefer Nino singing slow and sad songs rather than those cheerful one LOL

Sho: Hip Pop Boogie

The one which i vote straight away!!! LOL
I want him to sing this in Kokuritsu !!! Of all the songs, i can say, i love only this LOL
Sho-chan, gomenn… i dont mean the others are not good, like “Kono mama motto” are so sweet, “Fly on Friday” are very high, but i think the song which reflects on himself is this Hip Pop Boogie, how to say, he’s himself when he’s singing this. 翔ちゃんらしい曲。
Can i see him singing this in Kokuritsu…? 泣き顔

We can write suggestions too.
My suggestion is, Nino singing “痕跡” (Konseki) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i must try not to faint if he really sing this.. i love it so much, even though my Ichiban is Sho, but as for song, Nino’s voice and his “Konseki” is always my ichiban…
And for Sho, i wrote and hope that he can sing his own created songs which he played them in Sho-beat last time, “Pen no saku houkou”, “Hoshi ni naru made”, “Doko ni itemo”, any song will do, just let me hear it live!! SHO-CHAN, ONEGAI~~~~~~~~~~~
And lastly, hope that Sho-Ohno combi will be back, hope they’ll sing their song “俺たちのソング” (Oretachi no song), i think the chances is high because many people suggest the same thing, last year Ohmiya SK was back, so this year maybe we can anticipate for it!!!

Ahh…. 国立あたりますように。。(May i can get one ticket to Kokuritsu please..)

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9 Comments on “Arafes 2013 Song Vote”

  • 21 7月, 2013, 16:25

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    I voted for Yes? No? and Te Agero in the album section too! I really want to hear Sho saying that “Te agerotte sexy senorita!” part haha. And I want to see them dance Yes? No? even though it looks unbearably exhausting to dance.

    I have a feeling that they’ll sing Breathless and Endless Game. Same with Intergalactic and Monochrome >< I'm surprised I havent seen full of love on some peoples voting list though!

    I wanted Aiba to sing Yokaze for his solo :/

  • Mega
    21 7月, 2013, 16:59

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    uughhh when i read this, i try to choose and i understand how you feel hahaha so many many song that i want them to sing it in kokuritsu!  if i, i will put endless game in number 1 and breathless in number 2~ Keep Ganbatte for the ticket rie-san 😀 i pray for you~ ( i think the system keeps hanging because so many fans try to access at the same time LOL)

  • Sartika
    21 7月, 2013, 18:50

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    I vote same single ( 1, 2, 9 ) coupling ( 2, 5, 7 ) album ( 1, 5 ) Solo ( Ohno and Sho ) 😀
    It’s difficult to choose for album and coupling T^T I change my list a few time before vote >.<
    For Nino solo I choose Himitsu ^-^ I want to see other member back dance XD
    I hope Yama ( Ohno and Sho ) will sing Oretachi no song 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your vote ^^
    Wish u can get the ticket \\^o^//

  • zydny
    21 7月, 2013, 21:35

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    Wonderful choices for solos! All of your choices are really good. So hard to choose! I would like to see Arashi sing again Right Back to You. I also wish that Aiba and Ohno would sing their duet of Machi ga Irodzuku Koro Ni Wa. I hope that you will get tickets!

  • Ondine
    22 7月, 2013, 12:49

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    Hello *w*
    I really hope we can see Intergalactic!
    Can make you a question about the ballot, please?
    I’ve heard if it’s your first time winning the ballot, the seats will be a little more closer to get the chance to see Arashi. After, you get the seats normal… I’ve tried to ask to a friend but she can’t answer my question.

    I hope you can win the tickets, that would be great for the last Arafes!

    rei125 Reply:

    sorry, i never heard of it and i dont think it’s true~

  • kun
    23 7月, 2013, 8:40

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    i really like konseki also, i think this is the first solo song i hear from nino and then start  to listen to his other songs, if this song is on the list,i will definitely vote for it so too bad, nino only perform this song 1 time in a concert right? and it not even include in their CD. i want to see ohno to sing a sad song like nino b/c most of the ohno’s solo include dance so i think it will be surprise everyone if ohno sing a sab song in the concert by himself. Our top 5 is almost the same except for 3 and 5, i vote for truth and to be free. I hope you can win the ticket so you can write down the story for us to read.GOOD LUCK!!!

  • Nicole
    29 7月, 2013, 21:25

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    Hi there, how do I vote using their android app? which button should I click on? Do I need to be a member of the fan club to vote?

    And I must say,… I love all the songs you have voted! Number is Breathles too on my list!

    rei125 Reply:

    Ah… sorry i just saw your reply… after so many months….
    And i dont think you need the answer anymore… gomennasai…
    It’s not a FC thing, it’s a paid contents to Johnnys Web, only members can vote (subsribe to it using Japan’s cellular)

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