Waku Waku 2013 Report Part 6

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If you feel relieved that the long Part 5 report is the last one, you’re wrong!
Still more to come! LOL
This part 6 is the ending part after Ohno Sensei’s lesson.

Yeah, the finale is the theme song “Hurusato”, they always arrange the lyrics of the 2nd part to match the event (lesson). Ahhh………… it’s fun to see them on variety, it’s interesting to hear them talk, but yappari it’s always the best to hear them singing !!!! And i really love “Hurusato” !!!

First five of them were singing on the main stage together.
We were asked to see the lyrics on the screen for the 2nd part and sing the 2nd part with them.
Sho was in front of my block on the first day 泣き顔

And lastly, the truck appeared. They walked to the truck and the truck goes round the Dome.
Sho was walking like Yoshimoto to the truck LOL

Sho, Aiba, Riida on one truck, Jun and Nino on another truck.

The truck then stop at the exit then.
They were waving to the fans. I was near the exit seat on the first day and it was near… 泣き顔

At last,
起立!礼! Stand up! Bow
Arigatou gozaimashita

And they bid farewell to audience and got into backstage.

And the screen shows the backstage preparation of the Waku Waku.
It shows them paiting the logo of Waku Waku !!!!!
This is the one!! It’s a very big flag hang on the Dome’s wall!
It’s actually painted by five of them!!!

Look at it clearfully, it’s very “handmade”, it’s their hardwork!!
The narration did mention how long they spent the time on it but i forgot.. 2 hours or 4 hours? (It’s a big difference.. ya LOL)
These kinda job, it’s just an event flag, they don’t have to do that themselves… it’s hanging there and no one realize or take note on the flag if there’s no VTR on this… ya, they don’t have to spend their time for this small case.. despite their busy schedule… but you can feel that being an idol in Japan is not easy, especially Johnnys.. they gotta do a lot of things themselves, maybe it’s their idea, maybe it’s the staffs idea, i dunno, but i just feel that they’re always willing to handle everything regarding their own event. Hmm.. dunno how to express, just that when you see the way they’re so serious in painting this, you’ll know.. Serious but full of laughter. Sho was kinda high in tension and he keeps laughing and talking to the other members.
Some of the talk here.

Hmmm.. you shouldnt ask 4 people who are blood A to do this kinda job ne

(Blood A are consider those very serious type of people in Japan. Nino means that there are four serious people there, and everyone is trying to paint hard and the process was too slow and they hardly could finish it)

Then out of sudden, Sho said to the camera.
Minasan, do you realized? The waku waku flag is painted by us!! Look at our concentration! It’s the hardwork of our sweat and tears!
You’re talking too much
Riida was in charge of the Kanji characters “嵐学”, the other colors were painted by other members.

The ending was the same EXCEPT FOR THE LAST SESSION !!!

After Ohno Sensei’s lesson, they gathered on the stage, and it’s time for “Furusato”…


Sho was holding one BIG file opened….. (Everytime he used close it before today)

(°口°;) (°口°;) (°口°;)

Looking at the file, he said…………
We, sensei have a very important announcement for you all


OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When i saw the big file on his hand, and heard the word “announcement”, i know Arafes is here!!!!!!
I just cant stop KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaa-ing on my seat, i wanna appologize to the people beside me LOL but i just cant control myself!! LOL
Been thinking of this Arafes for few months, and just on this day, before i attended Waku Waku i was talking to another fan, looking at the schedule at Kokuritsu Stadium, the chance that Arafes is going to be held should be 21 and 22 Sept. So when Sho said “important announcement”, Arafes comes to my mind straight away.


OH NO, not only me, i guess the whole Dome is roaring.
The roof is collapsing soon i guess LOL

Then suddenly the screen shows on the Arafes schedule!!

As promised last year, we’re going to have Arafes again this year!

KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Sorry, i really cant hear Sho’s voice.. LOL
Not only me, but everyone was either clapping hands, or shouting or yelling or jumping (on their seat LOL).
And the schedule was totally the same as predicted!!
21, 22 September !!


Just before i can calm down…..

Besides Arafes, our new album will release this autumn!!
Aiba said the title has not fixed yet.
Oh no…. the next thing that comes to my mind is Dome Tour..
And just at this moment….
New album means………………..
YEAH !!! DOME TOUR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 big news in a row…

I really dunno how to describe my feeling… LOL
Then the big screen shows on the Dome schedule.
Everyone was really excited, and after the announcement, it’s followed by the last section, singing “Hurusato” together.
Ah……………… ah………………

Then Sho was “killing” me….
When he was waving to the audience, he said “SEE YOU IN KOKURITSU !!!” AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH 会いたいよーーーーーーーーー!
And also again when he gets on the truck, and before going backstage after the whole event, he keeps on saying “See you in kokuritsu”.. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh Sho-chan…… 会いたいよ!!!!

I was extremely tired after that.
It’s same like concert, always having headache if i shouted too much LOL (serves me right)
It’s just around 5 minutes? (or less than that) for the announcement part, but i guess i’ve used up most of my energy.. LOL
Totally in loss after that, starts to worry about the ticet to Kokuritsu……….

God, bless me…………….. 泣き顔

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7 Comments on “Waku Waku 2013 Report Part 6”

  • Love Masa-niini
    19 7月, 2013, 1:04

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    Good luck for Kokuritsu ticket!!!!!!!!!!!!! (*^^*)

    rei125 Reply:

    thank you so much!!!

  • cassiechancasie
    19 7月, 2013, 4:14

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    When you described the announcements, the tension rose up and i was screaming as well! I can totally imagine excitement you had on that day!!
    After Part 5 of the report I was disappointed because I remembered you saying about Aiba and Sho’s future messages. But luckily the reports are still not ending:) 
    Thanks so much for your great effort:) I’m really happy that you are sharing all the details about this event:) Keep up the good work! 

  • Mega
    19 7月, 2013, 8:32

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    Yessss i think part 5 is the last one hahaha. Doumo arigatou for this report too 😀
    Kyaaaa the new album >.< ~~ rie-san ganbatte for the ticket!!! and after that you can write the report about the concert~ i'm waiting ya~ because i can't watch their concert T^T my country is too far huhuhu Otsukaresama 😀

  • Sartika
    19 7月, 2013, 11:45

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    Wuuaaaa,, Thanks for Information about the waku waku flag ^-^
    Sasuga Arashi-san ne ^o^
    Ganbatte for the ticket \\^o^// I wish u will get the ticket 😀
    I have been vote for Arafes from my android,, but sad I can’t to watch Arafes concert T^T
    Hope this year will release DVD too 😀
    I am excited that what song choice from everyone,, Rei-san vote what song for Single, Coupling, Album, and Solo song??? ^_^

  • amivie neski
    19 7月, 2013, 22:08

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    waaa!! the stadium must be awesome that time!! the fans must be excited! I will too if I was there!! hehehehe~ I really enjoyed reading your report!! somehow I felt like I was there… thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us it was a lot of fun. I wish the best for you with the ticket!! ^0^ have a lovely weekend!

  • zydny
    19 7月, 2013, 22:10

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    I hope that you will be able to get tickets to Arafes!

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