Otonoha Vol.116 2013.07.15

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Sho-chan, meccha busy ne!!!
色々お疲れ様!!! (Otsukaresama!!)
The picture below……. i love it very much!!!!!!!!! 甘い~~~ SWEET !!!


It’s me.

This one month.

Many things happened.

Cranked up for “Kazoku Game”

The next week, cranked in for “Nazotoki~”

Live show for “THE MUSIC DAY Ongaku no Chikara”

And just a few days ago, cranked up for “Nazotoki~”

It’s hisashiburi that i’m totally troubled by the long lines of Nazotoki, but i feel excited about it.

(The satisfaction when you managed to say it all is so high)

Alright, and soon the movie is going to be launched.

My friend always sent me photos he took at the bookstore, and it’s “Sakurai everywhere” desune..

Sugoi wa…. eh…

(Maybe that’s the way your friend took the picture that makes it looks sugoi?)

I was anyhow curious about it and i asked the staff…
And they said i’ve been accepting interviews from more than 60 magazines..

Sugoi ne..

(And today at this moment. There’ll still be interviews coming up until the roadshow i guess)


3 Aug Roadshow.

And before that, it’s press conference for pre-roadshow 2 days later!!!



If many of you can watch it….



Sakurai Sho (Kageyama Done)

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5 Comments on “Otonoha Vol.116 2013.07.15”

  • Yuri
    16 7月, 2013, 1:43

    Waaa, Sho is so funny:))) i see he did not drop the ¨ii ne¨ just yet….and he also signed off with kageyama;))) adorable post, thx for translating it Rei-san.

  • persephone
    16 7月, 2013, 2:36

    LoL… hait hait.. ii desu! 

    Rei-san… arigatou!! 

  • amivie neski
    16 7月, 2013, 8:04

    60?!!! sugoi sugoi!! that is a lot… he is mecha busy!! otsukaresama~  
    and that pict is super cute!! I love the expression ^0^
    thank you rei-san~ a good start for my day!!  hehehehe

  • Sartika
    16 7月, 2013, 22:00

    wah,,, That picture from An An >.<
    I have that edition LOL
    Thanks a lot Rei-san 😀
    always translate and sharing Otonoha Sho-kun ^-^
    Otsukaresama m( _ _ )m

  • Mega
    18 7月, 2013, 8:49

    Kyaaa Sho-kun everywhere~~ i hope my country could be like that! Sho-kun everywhere~ ~(‾▿‾~) ~(‾▿‾)~ (~‾▿‾)~  Thank you rie-san, you always translate arashi event :3 i like that and i have read all your report in this blog, aaa i hope i can attend one of their event T.T 

    otsukaresama 😀

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