Waku Waku 2013 Report Part 3

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The 3rd part is here.
And the 3rd sensei is Aiba Sensei.

Aiba Sensei: Paku Paku Lesson

OK, like previous 2 years, Aiba sensei’s lesson is still the same “paku paku”.
So i guess i don’t have to explain what’s “paku paku”, yeah, it means eating.

I guess all of you must have start feeling hungry ne

Sodane. Right timing

Last 2 years ago, i made pork and we learnt the important of life, last year i made sushi and we learnt the toughness of a fisherman. This year i would like to teach on vegetables. It’s not a normal vegetable. It’s Aiba’s brand vegetable

Then the screen shows on the VTR where Aiba went and help in the vegetables farmhouse.
The VTR was really fun, with Aiba around, it’s always full of laughter. The old grandpa who’s the farm owner said he’s happy to see Aiba, he feels that he’s like his grandson~

After the VTR, ya, it’s Aiba’s cooking time again!

みんな何食べたいですかー? Minna, what do you all wanna eat?
キャベツー! CABBAGE !
じゃがいもー! POTATO!
はい、今日はトマトとアスパラです! Hai, today i’m going to make tomato and asparagus
去年から全然伝わってないんだよな… Our voice never reach him since last year.. (HAHAHAHAHAHHAA)
Today’s assistant is… Matsumoto-kun! Today i’m going to teach on a recipe which takes only 5 minutes, the ingredients are…

メンバー紹介しようぜ Member’s introduction time!
卵4個 Eggs 4
アスパラ4本 Asparagus 4
トマト tomato
Sho keeps on responding “YEAH” when Aiba introduced the ingredients , imagine the high tension.. LOL

Soya sauce 1 big teaspoon, butter 1 big teaspoon, salt.. urm… one grip

Note here that Aiba said the wrong word, he wanted to say “つまみ = tsumami” meaning a little bit, but he accidentally said “つかみ = one big grip”
And others were teasing him.

Then Aiba sensei taught us on how to choose a good asparagus which is sweet.
OK minna… i’m explaining this with the asparagus in my fridge! LOL

When i heard Aiba sensei’s words, i feel like shouting and said “I know i know!!!”
I forgot which tv show, but i saw they talking about the way to choose a good asparagus.
Just when i keep on thinking of what show did i watch, suddenly Sho said…..
それ昨日テレビでやってた! This was showed on tv last night!
KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! I wanna shout!! i watched the same tv show, at the same timing with Sho !!!!

But……………………….. i realized a made a big mistake later on….

俺も見た! I watched it too
俺がやってる番組だよ! That’s my variety dayo

Ahh… Ima kono kao ga sugoi!! LOL
I only remember i saw one show on asparagus, but i totally cant remember what show is that…. it’s Sho’s variety…… OH NO… how can i forget it…………. Sho-chan gomen yo………… 😥

Then aiba said,
I didnt copy you, we also did our research!

Then Aiba start cooking his tomato and asparagus.
He was kinda panic (you know his style LOL), and Sho said he feel like watching Aiba’s cooking variety one day (HAHAHAHA).

Aiba Sensei asked Jun to help him to cut the asparagus.
First break it into two, the part at the tip is hard, it’s not needed. Jun accidentally broke it 50:50, and the part left for cooking is only a short one.. LOL

OK, the steps here.
1. Peel asparagus
2. Stir your egg in a bowl, add in some salt.
3. Put in some oil in the frying pan and the egg in Step2. Take it out on a plate when it’s half cooked.
4. Put one cube of butter in the frying pan and fry it.
5. Add in asparagus
6. Add in tomato
7. Add in the egg in Step 3
8. Add in one teaspoon of soya sauce
And it’s ready!

OK, minna… it’s hard to imagine what Aiba Sensei cooked from my lousy report..
So………….. i’m going to show the one i cooked with his recipe!! LOL
It’s very oishii dayo—-!!!

OK, here it is! Jyajyajyajya——————n!

Aiba sensei divided it into four plates. The plates he used are decorated with shining decoration color paper on it, yellow, red, blue and purple. LOL
Then as usual, they eat at the dining table on the stage.

Sensei, where’s my asparagus ? Why Nino is having all the asparagus?

Mine are all tomatoes..
Ohnosan doesnt have any egg at all…

HAHAHAHAH anyway four of them eat it deliciously.

Suddenly Aiba said main dish is coming soon.
HUH? Thought the main dish is this?

Then he took out raw asparagus, raw tomatoes etc and he asked them to eat it directly.
And when they ate it, it seems to be delicious.
…うまい・・・Umai… (in low voice)
トマト甘いね tomato is sweet ne
Desho! Well, because it’s the season now. Now we shall learn why vegetables are delicious when it’s the season

And another VTR is shown.
It shows on Aiba helping out at a asparagus farm, he experienced on how tough the work to cultivate a good asparagus, farmers need to be sensitive on the season because every temperature and every season could change the taste of the vegetables.

And the end, Aiba sensei’s summary. The BGM played is “My Girl”
He said the relation between Japan & Season is something which could not be separated. By understanding season well, we understand what is produced during the season and we know what is delicious to eat at what timing. It’s delicious when you eat the right food at the right season.

And lastly Aiba Sensei’s message:

旬をいただき 季節を感じよう
Understand the season, choose the right food.

Aiba sensei cooked different food for the 2nd and 3rd session the next day.
OK, i’m going to write on the 2nd and 3rd session too… (lengthy orz)

2nd session

The assistant for 2nd session is……… Sho-chan !!!! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Sakuraba ♪ La-la-la ♪

Please bring me the potatoes and pumpkin

Such a small thing, i can do it! … Douzo
(handing the potatoes and pumpkin to Aiba sensei)

Aiba sensei is going to make us pumpkin soup today.

メンバー紹介するね I’m going to introduce the member for today

Potato! YEAH!
Pumpkin! YEAH!
Water 2cc YEAH!
Salt a little bit YEAH!
Pepper a little bit YEAH!

Sakuraba ♡

Then Aiba sensei asked Sho to put the potatoes and pumpkin into the microwave for around 5-6 minutes.
After that he asked Sho to take them out.

あっつ!!あっつ!!! HOT!! HOT !!!
(AHAHHAHAHHA, yeah, it’s super hot when you just take them out from the microwave.. i acted the same way when i tried it.. LOL)

Sho-san looks like Bruce lee… (HAHAHAHAHA)

Aiba Sensei’s going to teach us the way to make pumpkin soup without using fire.
Here’s my memo on the recipe.
1. Put the pumpkin and potatoes into microwave for around 5-6 minutes.
2. Put the pumpkin and potatoes in Step 1 into mixer.
3. Add in salt.
4. Add in one cube of butter.
5. Add in hot boiled water.
6. Mix it
And it’s ready!! When you serve it in a bowl, just add in pepper and some fresh milk.

楽しそう(笑) Enjoying LOL

looks like couple... LOL

OK, once again, i tried it out! LOL (i’m hardworking ne..)
I don’t have fresh milk with me, so if you wanna try it, it would be better to add in one small spoon of fresh milk before serving.
Aiba sensei said of course you can mix with onions and garlics if you wish.

Sakurai assistant was really cute with Aiba sensei~~
Ahhhhhhhhh it’s always fun to see this 2 guys fooling around together.

After Aiba’s lesson, when the set on the stage starts to change and they’re waiting, I saw Sho pass a bottle of water to Aiba~~ KYA~~~~

3rd session

In the 3rd session, Aiba sensei cooked us summer vegetables fried curry.
And the assistant is Nino~~ KYAAAAA OK, you know i love Sakuraba & NinoAi combi.

Happy NinoAi

Eh… two of you wear the same clothes?

You just realized? Ya, it’s the same one, different color

Aiba sensei asked Nino to cut the asparagus just like how he has taught the previous day.
He wanted to ask Nino to peel the asparagus, but he dunno the right word, he said ビューラー (byura = eyelash curler) instead of ピーラー (pira = peeler) .

Once again teased by the other member, and Sho was HAHAHAHAHA there.
Then Nino keeps on teasing him and didnt peal the asparagus, Aiba sensei was kinda panic (LOL)
It’s burning, Quick!!

OK, once again the recipe i jot down.
1. Wrap the potatoes and pumpkin, put it inside microwave for 4-5 minutes.
2. Add in salad oil and heat up the pan.
3. Add in potatoes and pumpkin from Step1.
4. Prepare asparagus and add in.
5. Add in tomatoes
6. Add in the curry soup (Urm.. i dunno how to say this in english, in Japan they have this curry cube, just get the curry cube and melt it with hot water)
7. Add in cheese (as you like)

And once again, time to show off my lousy cooking LOL
Just hope that you can get an idea of what Aiba sensei cooked.

OK, that’s roughly about Aiba’s Paku Paku lesson.
Aiba sensei, i’ve practised all your lesson!! (LOL)

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  • Artsie
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    Thank you so much for posting! Although its long, I’m really glad you took the time to write it… I loved reading them 🙂 

    rei125 Reply:

    glad you enjoyed, hope no one gets tired in seeing on the words LOL

  • Sharon
    13 7月, 2013, 19:42

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    When I saw you’re writing that Aiba’s teaching how to choose the asparagus, I have the same reaction like you!!!!!!!!! I remember the way to choose sweet asparagus but I can’t remember which variery it’s from!!! Therefore I just bumped into the same situation “Really? I’ve watched the same variety at the same time with Sho san?” hahahaha… Yeah, it’s Ima Konokao ga sugoi, the juicy and sweet asparagus! Thank you for sharing. I really enjoy reading this!!

    rei125 Reply:

    really “ashamed”, why we remember the asparagus and forgot the host, Sakurai Sho? LOL
    Now, we’ll never ever forget that Sho-san taught us the right way to choose a sweet asparagus, and not Aiba-san… hahaha

  • Natasha
    13 7月, 2013, 23:49

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    Thanks a lot for sharing 🙂
    Aiba sensei’s recipe looks really delicious and the pictures of your cooking make me visualise it better. I will also try to cook them ^^
    Btw, you have great cooking skill. Otsukaresama ;D

    rei125 Reply:

    hahaha thanks
    i dont cook well, but maybe because the recipe is easy, thanks to aiba sensei~ ^^

  • amivie neski
    14 7月, 2013, 0:15

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    thank you so much!! and they all look so yummy!! sugoi sugoi!! your pictures gives the perfect visual for me to imagine Aiba’s cooking!! thank you so much!! I want to try cooking them, but too lazy at this moment..heheheehe… AIba will be happy if he saw this!! 

    rei125 Reply:

    i cant find asparagus in my supermarket the next day after the event, i wonder if everyone busy cooking aiba’s dish? hahahaha

  • Nees
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    Thank you very much for sharing,
    I’ve been reading the report from part 1, and i think i can imagine the lesson though i didn’t attend it. I like your detailed writing, please continue your good work:)

    rei125 Reply:

    thank you! (ノ≧∇≦)ノキャー

  • amivie neski
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    hahahaha!! I think so… Everyone is excited to taste aiba’s dish!~ sasuga aiba-chan!~
    btw which one is your favourite dish?

    rei125 Reply:

    the first, asparagus with tomato!

  • zydny
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    Aiba-chan makes pumpkin soup in Japan the same way I make it here in the US. Sugoi! Thank you so much for making the recipes to show us. And thank you for sharing Waku Waku with us.

    rei125 Reply:

    hahahha u’re lucky 🙂

  • huahahaha
    14 7月, 2013, 13:22

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    wow…you’re cooking it for us! (so confident…lol) arigatou…you’re such a hardworking girl.
    ah~ i kinda want to try aiba-chan recipe but too lazy lol
    once again, thanks for the report <3 

    rei125 Reply:

    hahahaha i’m not that kind.. :p
    tried out aiba’s recipe straight away after waku waku lol

  • Sartika
    14 7月, 2013, 22:36

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    wow,, its so detail 🙂 until 3rd sesion
    I want to try aiba receipe too >.<
    Thank you for your detail write ^-^ really like see sakuraiba and aimiya here 😀

  • cassiechancasie
    15 7月, 2013, 3:47

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    Thanks for spending so much effort on the reports to allow us to understand:) I really like how you recreated the recipes to allow us to have a better image:)
    From reading your reports, I feel like you are a very cheerful person! I really want to be friends with you:P 

  • trixie
    19 7月, 2013, 12:22

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    wow. you really did all aiba-chan’s recipe. thank you for all the effort. so delighted while reading the 2nd one. Sakuraba <3 <3 <3 

  • G Hoshi
    31 7月, 2013, 3:51

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    thank you for sharing AIba’s recipes. It laughed out loud when reading your report ! It must be funny to watch Sakuraiba pair <3

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