Waku Waku 2013 Report Part 2

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OK, looks like there’re still people looking forward to this report, so i’m continuing again.
Thanks for letting me know, coz you know when you took too long time to write it, sometimes you keep on wondering “hey, why am i writing so long… people will be too lazy to read it.. ” and the motivation dissapers LOL

Shall continue from Part 1.

The second lesson was by Sakurai Sensei~

Sakurai Sensei : Charin Charin Lesson

“Charin charin” is the sound of money (coins) LOL
So, Sakurai Sensei is going to talk about M・O・N・E・Y!!!LOL

Today i’m going to talk about money

ありがとうございます! Arigato gozaimasu!! ← very LOUD !! LOL
Anyone who likes money? who wants to earn a lot of money!

Everyone answer “hai~~~”
はーい!!! HAI !!! ← very LOUD again!! LOL

Sakurai sensei said maybe some people are just too shy or embarassed to admit that they like money. He said Japanese tends to be shy or feel awkward when it comes to money talk. In US, students already study on money during primary school. Money is important in our life, so today he’s going to talk on money. Money and price.

Gomen… actually i found Sho’s lesson a bit boring… orz
He’s funny and playful, i mean the topic ne. Every sensei’s lesson involved any of the member but Sakurai sensei’s lesson just talk on price and value, so it actually doesnt attract me that much… orz

And Quiz Time is here.

Sakurai Sensei gave a few quiz. For example, which one is more expensive, a volleyball or a basketball used in school.

Through the quiz, we’re going to learn why some things are more expensive than others.
Sakurai sensei said when we pay for something, think about the value of the things. Sometimes we tend to complain “why is this so expensive….” but every price comes with a reason behind it.

He said the character “yen” in Japanese (円) looks like a clapping hand (urm.. there’s animation for it, please imagine yourself.. two hands clapping and forms the word 円 orz…)
He said when we paid for something, it’s as if we’re applausing for the person/thing we spent.
He then took out one color pencil. It’s only 50yen. He asked us to think of how many effort, how many people involved in making this cheap 50yen color pencil. And VTR shows a lot of factory staffs etc who are woking hard behind, and all other difficult process needed just to create this color pencil, and despite all the time consuming process, the pencil only cost 50yen. So when we paid for more expensive items, please try to think of how many people’s hardwork behind it. We must learn to be a good adult, who not only earn but also knows how to be thankful when we spend money. Everytime you spend on something, you’re actually saying thank you to those who worked hard.

Listening seriously ne

Sakurai’s sensei summary. The BGM played when he was talking was “Aozora Pedal”.

As i’ve mentioned earlier, Japanese tend to feel guilty or try to skip the topic when it comes to money. It shouldnt be like that. Let’s think this way, when we pay for something, it’s kinda way to appreciate our thanks. and when we receive money, we’re actually being thanked by others. There is a novelist Ikenami Shotaro who always give some chips to the taxi driver, a small amount of 100yen or 200yen. He said everytime he does this, even those taxi drivers who looks bad in mood will smile, and will start to treat the next passenger better, and eventually the next passenger will be in good mood too. There are many youngsters nowadays who always say that they don’t mind being poor as long as they don’t need to work. This is wrong. We should work properly and earn properly and understand the meaning of money. Spending money at the right way is an important thing.

And that’s the end of Sakurai Sensei’s lesson.
His message is

お金がつなぐ 感謝の連鎖

Money is a chain of gratitude. Sho.

Ah, i forgot to write on Ninomiya Sensei’s message in previous post.

Right way of sleeping leads to a sweet dream.
Let’s make 27years of life a happy one!

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  • nena
    13 7月, 2013, 17:34

    yeah…please don’t stop posting anything about ARASHI…we are looking forward for your post almost everyday..thanks a million

  • Christina Lau
    13 7月, 2013, 18:25

    i really like your post.. very much..
    since i’m not in Japan and i really don’t understand Japanese, your post really helped me in getting better in knowing Arashi and all their activity recently..
    thank you so much..
    i really can’t wait to see the other’s lesson..

  • amivie neski
    14 7月, 2013, 0:07

    thank you so much!! will continue to part 3~~!! ^^

  • zydny
    14 7月, 2013, 6:01

    Thank you for continuing to write! I visit your site nearly every day.

  • Sartika
    14 7月, 2013, 22:16

    Nino is always excited if talk about money ne ^^
    I will continue to part 3 :D

  • Aleks
    19 7月, 2013, 2:17

    thank you for the report, arigatou gozaimasu. =)

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