Waku Waku 2013 Report Part 1

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I know if i’m not going to write it this time, i wont be writing it forever LOL
Urm…. but i’m not sure if anyone still interested or not, bet many of you have already read reports elsewhere… I’ll just try my best to write it as i’ve promised.
I will try to write in a few posts because it’s very time consuming…

Waku Waku School 2013 at Tokyo Dome for 2 days, 6-7 July, altogether 3 sessions, 1 on 6 July evening, and two on 7 July.
I was very lucky this time because my friend won me the session for 6 July, and another friend offered me ticket on 7 July 😥
My seat was on the 3rd row in the backstage for first session!!!! But top high there during the 2nd session, and 3rd floor during 3rd session… getting higher and higher LOL

The above pic wasn't taken by me, i just wanna show how big the crowd is.. orz

When we get into the dome, we were given one card. The staffs said it’s a material for the lesson LOL

OK, just like previous years, event start with five sensei in the opening VTR.
Jun was having a photograph session, when he looked at the camera, and he saw the word “嵐学” there and he transformed into Matsumoto Sensei.
Sho was having his recording for “Ima kono kao ga sugoi”, then he took a rest, open a pizza box ready for him, and saw the word “嵐学” in the pizza, and he transformed into Sakurai sensei LOL
Nino was recording for his BayStorm, as usual the opening speech for BayStorm, it was very “real” as if taken during his real recording, and he read an opening postcard. When he flipped over the postcard, he saw the word “嵐学” and he transformed into Ninomiya sensei.
Aiba was recording for Aiba Manabu, when he put on the Aiba Manabu specs, the word “嵐学” suddenly appeared on his lens,, and he transformed into Aiba Sensei.
The last was Riida, very funny. Everyone was working in the VTR but riida was enjoying his life, painting in a big garden LOL, when he wanted to wash his brush in the pail, suddenly he saw the word “嵐学” in the pail and he transformed into Ohno Sensei LOL

And after the VTR, Love Rainbow was played, and we saw five sensei walking from the backstage to the Dome!!
Can you hear the roars in the whole dome? LOL
Walking and walking and the audience KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-ing non stop!
And then… the door opened!!! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!!! KAKKOUII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Five sensei appeared and they walked to the main stage in the center.

They gave an opening greetings.
Ohisashiburi! Konnnichiwa !!

As usual, Sho asked Riida to give an opening speech.
“Sa..sa.. let’s start now. Everyone, stand up! Ohno-sensei, please declare the opening of school”

“OK, we shall start… eh….. Waku Waku School now”


“Bow! Yoroshiku onegaishimasu! Sit down!” 

Then they asked something like how many people attended the school 2 years ago and also last year.
Sho was funny, he then say,
“For those first-timer, or non first-timer, we always welcome you who are willing to learn”

HAHAHHAAH urm… do you get the funny point here?
That’s the phrase he used in the Benesse CM (roughly the same, with the same gesture).
The other senseis were sneering at him… LOL

During the second and third session, they guessed he’s going to say the same phrase again, and just before he finished his words, Jun went up to him and did his pose before he finished his words LOL

(I’ll use their color to represent their speech from now)

From now, five of us will give a lesson each, while one of us is giving lesson, the other four will learn together with all of you

This lesson is just a chance. We hope you can practise what you learnt today when you go back.

If you think any part is important, do remember to jot it down. It might came out in exam.
There’s exam ya

The Theme for this school is “日々是気付き” (Hibi kore kizuki = Everyday is a new discovery)

There are so many things around us which we tends to neglect. So everyone, have you notice it?
(OHHHH the “project” is back again LOL)
This is our challenge letter for you
(Again with the pose LOL)
Today, many people walked from Suidobashi station right


The first project was Riida fishing in the river again like previous year!!!
Maybe fans never expect him to do the same thing again, so no one spots him!! LOL

During the second day AM session, it was Sho and Nino in baseball uniform, together with Giants baseball team, they took a poster and this poster was on Dome’s hall… A few gals noticed it!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i wanna see it!! Sho looks like when he was “Bambi” !!!!

And during the second day PM session, Riida said not much people noticed what they’ve been preparing so this time he tried to make things easy.. it’s Aiba on the big screen next to the goods booth. It keeps on screening, so many people noticed it LOL

OK, the first lesson was Ninomiya Sensei.

Ninomiya Sensei : Suya Suya Lesson

“Suya Suya” is an expression of sleeping.
Ninomiya’s sensei’s lesson was on sleeping. Human sleeps 30% of their life. If you live up to 80 years old, that means you will be spending 27 years on sleeping. Ninomiya sensei’s lesson was on how to have a good sleep and how to have a sweet dream. There are many research on the dream you see when you sleep, a good sleep can lead to a sweet dream and a bad one could lead to a nightmare.

Ninomiya asked on member’s dream. The first day was Aiba.

It was a dream before concert, when we appeared on the stage, there’s no audience at all, Riida said “Let’s do our best even though there’s no audience!” and we did it.

Nino’s diagnose for Aiba’s dream.
When you dreamt that you fail in your work, it means that you’re a very responsible in work. And when you dream that you feel nervous or worry about your work, it means that you’re preparing hard for it.

So it’s a good dream

Is it? I always sweat when i woke up

Then he suddenly shouted “SUYA SUYA SET COME ON !!!” loudly and a bed appeared in the middle of the stage.
Aiba was shocked to see it, it’s totally same as his own bed LOL
Nino said he secretly carried Aiba’s bed out from his house, Aiba looked really panic, but i guess it’s not his real bed, that’s too “impossible” LOL Nino has been to Aiba’s house, so i guess he asked the staffs to prepare a same one because the next day he did not use the word “carried out”, he said “prepared the same bed”.

Ninomiya sensei asked Aiba to sleep on the bed as his usual style and he asked him a few questions. He will mark on Aiba’s answer and if the points are below 80, then there’s something serious going to happen.

What did you wear when you sleep

Sensei.. my sleeping costume is here…. on the bed…..

There is one gray tshirt and pants on the bed. Aiba normally wear tshirt + pants when sleeping.

Do you have any special preference for sleeping goods?

All are white. When i first start living alone, i used to buy all black one, but then i found that the dirts are very conspicuous

Do you droll when sleeping?

Ya, that’s why i changed to white

You can just wash it

Ah! Aiba-kun never wash his sheets! Hai! Wakarimashita

What kinda pillow you use

I like those which are high rebounding.

Not low? High?

Ya, high

How about your alarm clock?

The sound of Yamatera-san, “Somebody Aibakun”

This is the alarm clock where the Aniki gave it to them in Shiyagare.
Aiba said he gets up very fast with the alarm clock, once he heard the word “Somebody” he woke up already, and he rarely need to wait until “Aibakun” LOL
He said before this he used those kinda alarm clock which will ring either 30mins earlier or later than the setting time, random one.

Ninomiya sensei asked Aiba to sleep on his bed while waiting for his marks.
And the marks for Aiba, 78!!
Ninomiya sensei said it’s a pity, Aiba’s score was quite high. He said the bad part is the way he wears when he sleep. It’s better to wear long sleeves and long trousers because one’s body temperature tends to go down when we sleep. And also Ninomiya sensei said, as what members know, Aiba tends to snore when he sleep, and he breath with his mouth and not nose. When he said that, Sho said “YA YA!!!” (LOL Etto… Sho-chan, i thought your snoring is the loudest one? HAHAHAH)

So, Aiba’s point was below 80. And the scary part is here….

Suddenly, the bed gets higher and higher…. and suddenly it slides down from the stage to the ground to near the audience…. KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

The next part is on how to dream on the person you like ♡♡♡
The model for the first session is Sho-chan ~~~~~ (≧◡≦)~♥

OK, the card material is needed now.
We were asked to take out the card, and then smell it..
KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA it was a nice floral fragrance..
I thought it’s Sho’s perfume… and i was so excited… HAHAHAH but it’s not…orz..
It’s only a fragrance card LOL
Then Ninomiya sensei asked Sho to stand in front of the panel, and there’re snorkeling goods there, Sho posed as if going to the beach.

At first Sho put on the goggles. Looks so funny! HHAHAHHAHAA

But then later he said maybe fans cant see his eyes, or he looks so terrible maybe will end up in nightmare HAHAHAH
And he took away the googles!!! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaa IKEMEN !!! HAHAHHA

Ninomiya sensei asked us to keep on smelling the card and at the same time looking at Sho..
Then we were asked to put the card next to our pillow when we sleep and Sho will appear in our dream!!!!
This is a research done by… (sorry, i dunno who the researcher is), anyway, we were asked to fill in the questionaire and tell him if Sho appeared in our dream that night, and the result will is announced on the 2nd day.
During the 2nd day, out of 8033 people who answered the questionaire, 2999 people really dreamt of Sho!! which means it’s 30% !! SUGOI !!!
Me…. sighs……… next time then… lol

Ninomiya sensei read out a few dreams by fans.
There’s one girl said he dreamt that she was dating with Sho, and he suddenly shouted “Summer SPLASH!” and sometimes “AIBA!!!” (LOL)
Sho said maybe because he and Aiba went for the “Ore no Chiba” program last time.

And another one was also dating dream with Sho, but Sho was drowned in the sea…
Sho quickly said “Hey, i’ve been going to swimming school since i was 3 years old!” (LOL)
Then the girl said Nino and Jun came to her rescue, but then they went away riding on dolphin.. HAHAHAHA

Then Nino read out another questionaired.
Sho-san was drowned

I said, i can swim!!!!
(LOL why so many dreams on sho getting drowned.. lol)

Ninomiya sensei’s lesson was on Riida and Jun on the sleeping for the 2nd day, and also for the dream model.
Sighs…… i attended all session but why i cant get to see Sho’s bed ?!!!! I want Sho in Suya Suya Lesson!!! 😥

Will write on Jun & Ohno’s “bed story” in other post..

About Nino

Lastly about Nino’s impression.
He was writing non stop during the whole event. Wonder what he’s writing..
Then someone asked him in BayStorm, he said he jot down what members(sensei) said.
And he said his memo was quite long… LOL
Hey, i like his shoes !!!

And i gotta stop here… 3am.. tired… gomenn….
Continue in next post…. but honestly, anyone still interested ??? I feel like just writing the part i like instead of the whole event.. because it’s just too long….

p/s: The japanese phrase by them are all from online, i don’t have time to take memo.

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    Hey! Thank you very much. I haven’t read anything yet about wakuwaku and I really enjoy your spelling style. So please write also about the other lessons, I’m looking forward to read them!

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    I laughed a lot upon reading your report, haha. Thanks for sharing and I’m looking forward to the next episode. But you went to bed at 3am?? Quite late… Pls take a good sleep and continue the next post at your conveniences. Thank you again and otsukaresamadeshita!!

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    Thank you so much! I enjoy reading what you write, and I really wanted to read about Waku Waku. Please keep writing! I want to learn about everything you saw. I love this website. Arigatou!

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    thank you so much!! I’ve read the waku2’s report but still I enjoy reading yours!! I laughed so much reading your report. It must be fun to be there and experience them! I hope you have lots of fun too!
    thank you so much!!

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    glad that it brings laugher to you LOL

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    I’ve been waiting for your reports and I really like how you spend so much effort in writing them. I really appreciate how you share it to those who are unable to attend this event. Thanks for sharing the details in this event even though you’re so tired! I enjoyed reading every bit:) Thank you:) 

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    welcome~ glad to hear that there’re ppl waiting for my report ((´∀`*))

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    Thanks for sharing ^o^
    I really enjoy your writing and I laughed so much reading this 😀
    My mom even question me why I laughed so much XD
    Thanks again,, I will write next part now 🙂

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    hahahaha your mum is so funny to :p

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    Thank you so much for reporting!! Really really appreciate your hardwork in writing the report. I’ll always look forward to your report. Thanks again!

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    Thank you for sharing your experience, it’s like we were there, it’s very interesting 🙂
    Again thank you so much.

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