Kazoku Game’s Game Special Message

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This special message can only be seen by everyone who collected all the photos taken by Sho previously.
Special message arigato~~ 黒ハート


It’s me. Yoshimoto Done.

Kazoku Game’s Game, All Over !

Minasan, thank you for reading all these while.

So have you collected all the photos?

Those photos are nothing special, but all are those which i feel like
“Ah, maybe i can upload this”
“Oh.. i wanna take this shot”

It’s all those photo taken from my daily life, and i do enjoyed it.


Alright, let’s say it together the last time.



Sakurai Sho (Yoshimoto Done)

Yeah, those pictures aren’t anything special.
Sometimes you will feel like saying, “Sho-chan, put up your pictures please!!!” LOL
But, as he mentioned, these are all which he feels like sharing with us, that’s so sweet~~

I have been feeling very sabishii when i heard he cranked up, and also thinking that wont be able to watch Yoshimoto sensei again next week.. it’s kinda sad, but today, when i saw his crank up scene, i feel relieved.
Can see from his face that there’s no burden in him these 3 months, he enjoyed the role very much and is very satisfied with it.
I bet he gained a lot of confidence in it.
I really wanna thank the person who suggested Sho for the role!!
And so, now i feel like “Yokatta ne… yokatta ne… yokatta !!! ”
I’m not hoping for another SP, or another series (of course if they really decided to do so, i guess i will KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa non stop LOL), but i guess it’s important to stop at the point where everyone thinks it’s good, so it will remains in heart forever ^^
I’m happy for him that his acting is being acknowleged, and happy for him that he himself enjoyed it.
OK.. i will concentrate on the last episode tonight…

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One Comment on “Kazoku Game’s Game Special Message”

  • Naja
    24 12月, 2013, 14:16

    i loved this drama. When i saw sho-kun like that it reminded me of his performance on Quiz Show 2. In both he was really dramatic, but its nothing compared to this show. Don’t think im weird but everytime the camera started to move all crazy i knew something was going to happen so i shut my door, turned my lights off and just got lost in Yoshimoto sensei’s huge rant that was about to go down -^o^-

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