Kazoku Game’s Game Vol.10 2013.06.19

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This’s going to be the last diary… 😥
“Yoshimoto Done”… No more “Yoshimoto now” from today…
今までありがとう 泣き顔


It’s me. Yoshimoto now.

And finally, it’s going to be the last episode tonight.

The feeling was just like.. in a blink of eyes, i’ve finished my race.

The last scene before the crank up was also the last scene in the drama.
(Often it’s not like this, i guess it must be the staffs consideration)

One day at somewhere out there.

It was a sunny day.

And i managed to cranked up under the blue sky, in this good weather.

Thank you.

And the “bento” (lunch) prepared for this crank up day.

I guess it must be the bento’s staffs consideration.
Thank you so much.

In “Nazotoki” ‘s crank up, they prepared crank up bento for us too.
I took photo of it, but i forgot to upload it later.. Gomennasai.

So that’s it !!

Kazoku Game All Over !!

Tonight’s 22pm.

Extra 15 minutes!!

I think if you don’t missed it…

Tonight’s 22pm

Extra 15 minutes!!

If you don’t missed it…


Sakurai Sho (Yoshimoto Done)

OK, it shall be the last episode tonight!!
Whether we want it or not, it’s going to be the last episode!!!

Today, Sho appeared as live guest in a lot of news show, from Mezamashi TV to Tokudane to Ageru TV.

When i saw the crank up scene, i can feel his happiness and can feel that he really enjoyed this role. Although it’s coming to an end, but still gotta congrats him, my friends around me, who are not Sho’s fan also praised him. Some other male colleagues who never care about Johnnys… also like the drama.
Sho-chan, yokatta yo!!!

OK, most photos are uploaded to facebook already, here’s Sho’s live appearance this morning.

Sho in Mezamashi Tv

Sho in Tokudane

Sho in Ageru TV

Crank Up

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7 Comments on “Kazoku Game’s Game Vol.10 2013.06.19”

  • amivie neski
    19 6月, 2013, 19:19

    waaa~~ it’s the end… I’m happy and sad at the same time!! I really can’t wait for the last ep!! this drama is really worth watching!! I enjoy watching the drama. and sho-san character worth praising! he did a great job as yoshimoto!! 
    thank you rei-san for translating and sharing with us!! it has bring me a great pleasure reading them!! otsukaresamadeshita!!

  • Yuri
    19 6月, 2013, 19:41

    Its the end 🙁 ooow, it came to fast, i feel i haven´t had enough of this drama….i will really miss yoshimoto sensei and all of the numata family:) Such a great drama.
    Otsukaresamadeshita Rei-san for subbing the diaries all this time, i really enjoyed them. 
    Looking forward to a new drama and a new diary . Line !! :)))

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