Otonoha Vol.115 2013.06.15

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Ahhh~~~ Kawaii “Otonoha” arigato~~~


It’s me. Yoshimoto now.

Taking part in the drama since April.

Everyday, the shooting starts from early morning till late at night.
Even when i reached home, i still need to memorize the script for the next day, sleepless days continues….



Maybe because the staffs this time are too capable.

(↑ This is the so-called “self-praise”)

The shooting was very very speedy this time.

Often, we end at 5pm although the schedule was supposed to be 8pm.

Sometimes it’s even more sugoi, the schedule was 11pm but we end at 6pm.

Thanks to this, i can see that there are lots of staffs start calling their family..
“Urm.. yappari i am going back for dinner…”

I can see that a few staffs are facing the crisis of “family breakup”

“Kazoku Game” !!!

Alright, thanks to that, there are quite a few days when i have chance to go out with friend for dinner.

It was around one month ago.

I am meeting a friend whom i’ve not met him since highschool.
It has been 15 years ago.

And the week after that.

I met another friend whom i’ve not been meeting him since 20 years old.

… What’s this..

Of course, it was a contact from another friend whom i’ve been keeping in touch with.

Friend: “I’m going out with a drink with ○○○, do you wanna join?”
Sakurai: “YEAH YEAH !”

It’s something like that, so it’s not a coincidence but…

It’s amazing. Although we’ve never been in contact for more than 10 years, but i don’t feel the blank at all.
It’s something like collecting back the “historic parting present” (歴史の置き土産)


So much of this and i was kinda shocked.

So i wrote this yo.

I think this “hisashiburi series” are going to last for some time again…
(What a marchen guy… OI..)

Kazoku game is coming to and end soon!!

It’ll be the last on air next week ne.

Ah…. Yoshimoto tanoshikatta !

OK, so minasan, let’s say it together!!

(Se—-no—- ) ← counting 1…2…

Thank you.

( ゚Д゚) … EH ?

Sakurai Sho

For me it’s hard not to feel the blank when you meet someone whom you’ve never meet for such a long time.
I think it’s his character which made him feel so, and made me like him even more *LOL*

Kazoku Game hontoni yokatta!
Yoshimoto Kouya hontoni yokatta!!
Tago Yuudai hontoni yokatta!!!

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5 Comments on “Otonoha Vol.115 2013.06.15”

  • Sharon
    16 6月, 2013, 13:30

    Sho chan so cute!!
    and I really want to say “thank you” to you cause the way you translate OTONOHA always make me enjoy what Sho chan wrote, more than reading the one translated into my native language. Thank you VERY much!! ♡

    rei125 Reply:

    is it?? so happy to hear that!! trying hard to maintain what he wrote although sometimes it’s hard to describe it in english.. as the japanese language is a bit different
    But happy to hear this! Arigato~~~

  • amivie neski
    16 6月, 2013, 23:18

    thank you so much for translating!! I really enjoy reading em’! the drama.. It’s ending now… it’s sad but the drama is good!! it really really good!! I hope there will be a SP or movie for Kazoku Game.. 

  • Sartika
    17 6月, 2013, 13:59

    Thank You so Much ^o^
    I’m happy and really like your translate for SHo Otonoha,, because its not just the translate but you always write your comment too and the Picture always kakkoi and kawaii ^-^
    make me more excited wait your translate XD
    Hontou ni Arigatou,, Rei-san 😀
    I hope you not tired to translate and sharing this 🙂

  • Daiana
    18 6月, 2013, 4:27

    What can I say….totally love Sho-kun! such a friendly and kind man. I wish I could have his sunny disposition. I can’t wait to see Kazoku Game’s last episode. It was hontouni hontouni a GREAT drama!
    Thank you Rei-chan for translating and sharing 😀 you are awesome as usual.
    Otsukaree  ^_^

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