Kazoku Game’s Game Vol.9 2013.06.12

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It’s me. Yoshimoto now.

In the 8th episode last week, Yoshimoto said sayonara to Numata family !!

…eh ?

Jya…. how’re you going to deal with the 9th episode then ?!

Well, in this 9th episode.

We went near to Mt Fuji, and i cant help myself but to take photo of it.

Hai, douzo.

I wonder why japanese feel very “lucky” when then get to see Mt Fuji. It’s kinda wonderful feeling.

Dewa dewa.

Tonight’s 22pm!!

If we can meet, i’ll be very ureshii….


Sakurai Sho (Yoshimoto now)

OK, i think i’ve been to this place before…!! heheheheh Ureshiiii…..Iine!!! :p

Tonight’s story will focus on Yoshimoto’s past, Tago sensei…


Coming to an end soon……… 泣き顔泣き顔泣き顔泣き顔泣き顔

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1,593 Comments on “Kazoku Game’s Game Vol.9 2013.06.12”

  • Sartika
    12 6月, 2013, 13:07

    Wuaahhh Arigatou for translate n sharing this ^-^
    I like Tago Sensei hairstyle better than Yoshimoto Sensei ^o^
    Ureshii to see Tago Sensei at episode 9,, cant wait to wacth >~<
    Again,, Arigatou n Otsukaresama,, Rei-san 😀

  • Yuri
    12 6月, 2013, 19:51

    Noo, i don´t want kazoku to end, i like it so much…it´s been a while since I loved  a japanese drama this much. Sho´s type of writing is so funny:)))  watashi mo ureshii desu to see tago sensei….but i hope to see the numata family too:D  arigatou for the translation!!

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