Nino mentioning Aiba

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I love NinoAi, just like i love Sakuraba~
Here’s one interview on Nino, and he mentioned Aiba two times!! 黒ハート
I find it very heart-warming, so just feel like translating it.

Year 2012: The best food you’ve eaten before
Answer by Nino: Aiba’s self-cooked homemade dish
『 When i went to Aiba-san’s house, he cooked ginger meat. The taste? It was good. How’s his cooking skill? Hmm.. i was playing game and didnt look at it. But can feel that he’s used to it. It’s ginger meat with onions, and he even cooked rice. Gochisosamadeshita 』

Year 2012: The place you cant forget
Answer by Nino: Aiba’s house
『Hmm….. I dont go out usually ne… so i really feel that Aiba’s house is really great. I havent been to his place before this so i never know he stayed at such a great place. It’s like getting to know another him. His room and his bathroom are all stylish (LOL) Well, Aiba’s sense is good! 』

Kya~~~~ NinoAi “rabu rabu” (≧◡≦)~♥


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3 Comments on “Nino mentioning Aiba”

  • zydny
    9 6月, 2013, 21:20

    Thank you! It makes me so happy to hear about the friendship closeness that the Arashi members share. I’m glad that Nino is praising Aiba!

  • fanni kun
    1 7月, 2013, 17:00

    I want permission to translate this page, with credit of course

    rei125 Reply:

    thanks for asking~ sure~ thank you :)

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