Kazoku Game’s Game Vol.8 2013.06.05

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A bit late this time 😳


It’s me. Yoshimoto now.

It’s so fast, and now left only 3 episodes.
(Urm.. you said the same thing in yesterday’s event)

Time really flies ne~

Tonight is the 8th episode.

And i feel like introducing once again the living room in Numata family.



This sofa is very comfortable.

I often sit on it while waiting for all the preparation to be done.

And…. i always feel sleepy…

(STAND UP !!!)

This living room ne….


Do stare at it.


Tonight 22pm!!

If you can watch it, i’ll be ureshii….

He’s trying to change from “Ureshiine” to “Ureshii + Iine” in order to use “Iine”
(You just wanna say it..)

Sakurai Sho (Yoshimoto now)

I cant understand why he keeps laughing “huhuhuhu” (grinning style) when he asked us to stare at the picture…
Anything wrong with the picture?
Anyone can enlighten me? LOL

My friend said it’s because the living room is going to be totally crashed and spoiled in this episode, so it’s the last chance for us to see it.
I guess that’s what he means! I think it sounds correct!

The scene i love most, or which i feel is the most heart-breaking in this episode is the short scene between sensei and Shige-chan before sensei left Numata house.
When Shige-chan asked sensei “How much did you lie to me, how much did you set up on me”
Sensei just smiled and said “Until Bribing the girl you like, other happenings after that are all your own effort, including you managed to make Sono-chan to become friends with you again, you managed to get other boys who bullied you to be good with you again, all are your own effort”

Sensei’s eyes are full of love and proud of Shige-chan….


In just a second… he said….

“And also including you bullying back the boy who bullied you last time. I never expect you’re such a failure student”

Sensei’s words are harsh.. but his expression….. not angry but….

Full of dissapointment……….

This scene leaves me a very big impact……. so sad……………

I think Sho did very well in this part…. 😥

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6 Comments on “Kazoku Game’s Game Vol.8 2013.06.05”

  • Hoshi
    7 6月, 2013, 20:13

    Thanks for your comments ^^ I watched it and this ep is quite disturbing, a lot of unsaid things were exposed. I shared your comments, Sensei conveyed his feelings and I felt like “it’s so sad and almost the end”  yadaa !! >_<

  • Daiana
    9 6月, 2013, 3:44

    When sensei asked Shige-chan to save the family he was really anticipating the debacle. Yoshimoto really cares about him and expected hopefully Shige-chan to make the right decision. I could sense sensei’s letdown, it was heartbreaking. This’s the best drama I’ve watched in years. I’m so proud of Sho-kun! he was able to convey so wonderfully all kind of emotions and feelings. Well, 2 episodes left I’m so looking forward to know Tago Yudai’s story and all the whys behind. 
    Thank you so much Rei-chan for translating and sharing! 🙂

  • amivie neski
    10 6月, 2013, 15:33

    this is a sad episode…I really enjoy this drama a lot.. even though it was a disturbing but it was a good drama.. Sho-kun conveyed his feelings well and I really can’t wait to watch the next episode…

  • Minii
    10 6月, 2013, 16:08

    hi there, 
    thank you so much for the messages from sho 🙂 

    how did you get them?
    would it be possible if you display the original message from sho?
    thank you 

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