Kazoku Game’s Game Vol.7 2013.05.29

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So have you watched tonight’s episode?!!!
Many “truth” will be revealed!! Another thrilling one !!!
Check out for Sho’s amazing acting!!!!


It’s me. Yoshimoto now.

Yoshimoto-kun who was driven-in by Shinichi-kun in episode 6.

Sitting there alone in the living room, seems to be in deep thinking..

So, what will happen in this episode!!!

(Huh? Quiz suddenly?)

By the way.

We were filming in the cinema in this episode….

The poster out there were all arts.

Yup, they were all created for this scene.

For example, this one.

Sugoi right?

Sugoi right? right? right? right? right?

It looks like those real poster in the cinema ne.

It’s all the hard work of the arts director.

If you all can also notice this while watching the drama,

I’ll be very happy.


Alright, i know you’re waiting.

If you can watch it tonight…

(Come on..1…2….3!!)


Sakurai Sho

Tonight’s episode is really sugoi…. Sho’s acting, i’m really impressed…. 😥

Can be so cute as always~

Comical gesture and movement as usual *LOL*

I'm lazy to be bother with you expression LOL

So, did you notice the poster? It's so big, so i guess everyone saw it LOL

Don't cry...............

Left only 3 episodes….. (T_T)
Ahhhhh……………….. i’m so scared of it coming to an end…. (T_T)

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3 Comments on “Kazoku Game’s Game Vol.7 2013.05.29”

  • Riechan
    30 5月, 2013, 1:00

    Discovered these messages just now! Thankyou very much for translating! ^^
    I’m soo looking forward to these episodes! Sho is super as an evil teacher 😀 Also quite sad that it will be over soon 🙁

  • Valerie
    30 5月, 2013, 1:01

    huhuuuuu T____T
    haven’t watch this episode…
    i’m not good in japanese, but i need to feed my curiousness and gonna watch this episode someday ;_____;
    i need to watch yoshimoto >__<
    thank you so much for translating this ^_^
    (i must find that poster in the episode XD )

  • amivie neski
    30 5月, 2013, 16:46

    haven’t watch this episode yet.. but I can’t wait to know what happen!!
    it really drawn me into the drama! and sho-san is really great in this!!
    thank you so much for translating!! ^^

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