Endless Game message by Ohno

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Riida’s message today.
So the last one will be Nino tomorrow~

Doumo~ exclamation Ohno desu exclamation Sa! Another new single release dayo~ exclamation And the title for this new single is… exclamation “Endless Game” double exclamation And it’s also the theme song for Sho-chan’s drama exclamation The song this time is kinda mysterious, and also the singing part for each member is very complicated (LOL) Do listen to it carefully exclamation And see if you can guess which part is mine exclamation The dance also match the song and i personally like the part at the chorus exclamation Do look forward to it double exclamation Coupling songs are all very interesting too, and i like “Intergalactic” the best exclamation Do look forward to it double exclamation Soredewa, minasan, we will perform it in music variety and concert, so do look forward to it~ double exclamation

That’s all, from Ohno Satoshi

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2 Comments on “Endless Game message by Ohno”

  • Valerie
    28 5月, 2013, 23:35

    sasuga!!! i knew he would like intergalactic XD
    i bet he’s imagining a choreograph in his head for that song XDDD

    thank you so much for translating this ^_^

  • 29 5月, 2013, 0:45

    Yay, sasuga Oh-chan! Intergalactic is awesome! I really loved all the songs! Keep singing wonderfully, my precious <3

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