Endless Game message by Sho

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Oops………. i missed out Sho’s message… orz


It’s me. Sakurai Sho desu.

The theme song for my drama “Kazoku Game”, “Endless Game” will be releasing.

On behalf of Yoshimoto Kouya who is the role i’m playing, i think the lyrics for the 2nd chorus part matches his feeling very well, and i suddenly feel very touched during the recording.

As for me personally, i like the part in the chorus where there’s a shout voice “Hey”.
(We’re not singing that though)


PV was quite worh watching too, so do check it out.


Sakurai Sho

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2 Comments on “Endless Game message by Sho”

  • Minii
    10 6月, 2013, 16:06

    hi there, im so happy to have found your blog!
    ITS AMAAZING and its EVERYTHING i have been looking for 🙂 

    just wondering, how are you getting these messages from sho? 
    are you in the arashi fanclub?

    wondering.. would you be able to display the original messages from now on? 
    (original japanese message from sho) ? 
    thank youuuuu  

    rei125 Reply:

    i subscribed to johnnys club, their official one, i used to display their original message, but these contents are not supposed to be opened to public, so i’ve decided not to do so, the most i can do is translate them.

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