Sho’s Tokudane Interview 2013.05.23

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Another good interview from Tokudane this morning.
Ahh……. daisuki dayo….

Before the interview, they showed some shots of Sho from his upcoming movie “Nazotoki wa dinner no Atode”
Wow… Kageyama, long time no see!!! *LOL*

Sho appeared in casual outfit. Kyaaaa~~~

He’s going to have soccer game with the host, Kasai-san, PK match.
The one who’s going to lead by 2 games is going to be the winner.
I only know Sho plays soccer, but never know actually he has been in the goalkeeper position too.

Look at the smile …. Ahhh………….. 黒ハート

First kick by Kasai-san. He managed to prevent the shoot in!! 指でOK

Next is Sho’s kicking.
Of course the soccer boy didnt let us down! 指でOK So happy ne!

Kasai-san’s 2nd kick was also hold by Sho! Yatta~~

And Sho’s 2nd kick…..

Goal again !!

Look at the way he goal it. Position same as the one he managed to get one goal from the national goal keeper during Shiyagare episode ne. Kasai-san said he’s clever at reading people’s mind LOL

Next, they moved on to game center.

This time they will have match on the drum game.

Jyanken, Sho won, so he chose to play after Kasai-san.

When Kasai-san was playing, he was actually practising the rhythm at the back, doesnt want to lose :p

His turn next.

He was so tired after the game LOL

OK, the result was…….. *drums beating*

Sho won! 手 (チョキ)

They then move to another place.
OK, serious interview starts from now.

Kasai asked if he ever feels tired of being the public image, ie honor student, excellent in everything.
Sho says no.

Kasai then asked again if he ever feels tired of being everyone’s Sakurai Sho.
Sho consider, and says no.

He said, he never feels tired, but sometimes he just feel like “I’m not totally like that, i also have some different faces.”

Kasai-san then said “I heard you’re short-tempered”


Sho was laughing hysterically when he heard this.

Sho then said “Yeah, short”

Then he added “In the past ne”


Interview moves on to topic on his family.

As usual, the old story is here, about him sending the application form without letting his parents know and how his parents objected to it.

Kasai then asked, when did his family truly accept his decision.

He thinks for a while….

Kasai was a bit shocked… then he said “I guess many people has asked you the same questions before, why do you take time to consider, because most artists will just repeat the same answer everytime”

Sho said…… “Because this is tv”

I was shocked to hear his answer. Honest… 😥
He knows how much influence his words are, and since this is a media watched by a lot of people he said he needs to think of the correct word to use, so that people wont get the wrong idea etc.
Sho-chan…. majime dayo….

Continue with the question, Sho said ever since he joined Johnnys even when he goes to his grandpa and grandma’s house, everytime they will ask him “When are you going to quit?”
Kasai-san then asked.. how was his feeling then to continue without family’s support.
Sho said, deep in his mind, he has set a period for his johnnys activities, ie to quit after his high school. But they got debut then.

Kasai-san then said did his parents then accepted him after their debut, when is the first time that he feels that he’s finally acknowleged and recognized by his parents.

Sho took a long time to answer.

And he said “Hmm… this is the first time people asked me this question”

Sho said something which made my heart so painful…
He said his father never attend Arashi’s concert even after they got debut… 😥

He said when he was 22 or 23, he had one solo concert.

One day when he went back, it’s such a coincidence that no one was at home, only his father sitting alone at the living room.
So he told his father ” I have my own solo concert this Sunday, will you come?”
This’s his first time that he asked his family to attend his concert, he said that was his first solo concert, and maybe his last one also, so he just feel like asking.
His father said alright, and his father attended. Since then, his father has been attending their concerts.
Sho-chan, yokatta ne!!!! 😥
Sho said he can still remember the scene where he talked with his father, so maybe that’s the day where he finally acknowleged by his family 😥

Lastly is another match.
Tongue twister.


OK, reading tongue-twister time.


Stumbled….. *LOL*


Finally, how he thinks of his “now” and “future”.

Sho said, as for present, he feels that he has been climbing every stairs slowly and been improving slowly.

As for “future”, he has two wishes.

First, he hopes that Arashi can become a mature group, standing firmly on the groud and good career of themselves.

As for himself, he said he hopes to lead a peaceful life in his old days. Look at his innocent expression!!! LOL

Laughing again after saying that… kawaii~~~~~揺れるハート

He added, together with his grandchildren, his children and his wife.

Sho said now his career is quite smooth and he does receives a lot being a star, but if he’s given a choice, he wouldn’t recommend people this job, he said it’s too risky.

So that’s the end of the interview.

Can see that the interview was actually quite long, but it was all cut, and in fact most changed into narration summary…. i wanna hear his own voice and not narration please……….orz…..

In the studio, the other hosts, including Ogura-san comments on Sho.
Ogura-san said he knows what kinda girls Sho likes. Ogura-san……………. let us know!!!! 😥
Kasai-san said he feels that Sho is someone who is very steady and sincere. He thinks a lot before saying because he consider what will the audience feel with his words, so he tried to choose the correct word. Kasai-san interviewed Nino previously too, he said Nino is totally opposite from Sho, he never use “respect words” and he talks freely. Kasai-san said if were to choose boyfriend, it’s Nino, if were to choose husband, it’s Sho わーい (嬉しい顔)

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11 Comments on “Sho’s Tokudane Interview 2013.05.23”

  • amivie neski
    23 5月, 2013, 16:42

    this is very very nice.. thank you for sharing…
    deep down it must be hard to keep on pushing forward without the support from your family. but in the end, Sho managed to prove to his parents.. and the acknowledgement from them must be priceless to him.. but it must be a hard on him.. I can’t imagine the time they struggle before they finally succeed… no wonder he won’t recommend this kind of work to others. risky and no guarantee that one can make it.

    sho-san really sugoi… hontoni..
    gambate!! I hope the best for you~ 

    again thanks rei-san!!

  • nik
    23 5月, 2013, 17:02

    thanks for sharing~
    i hv a great time reading this…knowing that he had such not-so-sweet-memories wit his family and all..its quite sad ne
    but its a good thing that all is well with his family member…of course like other ppl said “Sho-chan is a majime hito desu ne”…hehe
    anyway thanks again~ ^_^

  • valerie
    23 5月, 2013, 17:07

    omggggg T_____T
    thank you so much for translating this :””)
    Sho-chan is so yasashii ///<

    thank you so much once again m(._.)m

  • Sartika
    23 5月, 2013, 18:00

    Thanks for sharing~
    Sho rarely talk about his father ne..
    Yokatta his father attend his solo concert \^o^/
    Arashi member only sho n ohno who have solo concert, isnt?
    and,, I agree with Kasai-san said ^_^ XDXD
    Again,, Arigatou Rei-san !!! 😀

  • zydny
    23 5月, 2013, 20:48

    Thank you! You are so kind to help us to share Arashi. I cried thinking about Sho-chan working for many years before being acknowledged by his father. He is so strong and so inspiring. I hope that his family is very proud of him now. He deserves their support because he shows all of us every day how to be a hard-working and earnest person who can have fun, too. I am glad to be an Arashi fan.

  • japanlori
    25 5月, 2013, 16:19

    Wow, Rei-chan, that was an interesting interview!  Thank you for taking the time to translate it.

  • Persephone
    26 5月, 2013, 4:07

    ahhh~~~ sho-kun..

    arigatou rei-san! ^^ 

  • 27 5月, 2013, 21:47

    Thank you for this! 

    It actually had some new stories. Love that! And Shobeing so true to himself – keep up the good work, Sho!

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