Endless Game message by Jun

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Chiwa exclamation Matsumoto desu 😀
Single “Endless Game” is going to be released exclamation
This time the atmosphere for the single is quite rare, different from previous songs.
Many different dance step, hope you can enjoy it ぴかぴか (新しい)

As for me personally, i recommend the coupling song exclamation
“Monokuro” , the guitar part, and the effective edge, you will just feel like moving your body when you heard it 😀ぴかぴか (新しい)

“Intergalactic”, the organ sound in the spacey world makes you feel good 😀

“Magic hour”, it’s a good song for the coming season 晴れ

All of the songs are all recommendable exclamation

Do check it out ne 😀ぴかぴか (新しい)

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2 Comments on “Endless Game message by Jun”

  • valerie
    23 5月, 2013, 15:06

    omg… the coupling sounds interesting <3333
    thank you so much for translating this ^^

  • Yuri
    23 5月, 2013, 18:09

    Thanks for translating this 😀 Funny Jun, all the songs are recommendable…as if he could say he hates half of them :)))) I can´t wait for endless game to be released <3

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