2013.05.21 Press conference on new SP variety

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A special variety “Atarashi Arashi” (あたらしあらし) will be hold on the following 2 days in July.
13 July & 20 July.
Every of them will make a collaboration with young directors of Fuji TV and work on a new plan for the show.
Today, they held a press conference for the announcement.

They appeared in costume all coordinated by the young directors (standing behind them).

Look at Nino’s costume… *LOL*

Nino said, “Urm… sorry if i got it wrong, but i notice that cameramen are eyeing on my pants.. and checking if they can see my underwear inside..”

Oohh…… Nino’s legs… lol
Tell me how can i be brave enough to wear short pants in front of Ninomiya-san after seeing this shot? LOL

They had an indoor interview later.

They were asked to talk on something on their private which they think members doesnt know too.
Then other members will judge whether it’s something they knew or not.

First Riida.
Riida said, he actually had one of his bottom tooth extracted.

Sho’s expression….. lol

Jun said “Why you never tell us such a big incident” LOL

Of course, all of them never knew this.

Urm… actually all fans already knew it.. LOL
Friends notice that Riida’s bottom tooth dissapeared during one of the VS, well…. i didnt check on Riida that much and didnt notice that…

Next is Jun.
Jun said “Actually i have been always having vegetables juice for my breakfast”

Hmm… Nino said it’s hard to choose, they somehow can feel it. But all of them anyway chose that it’s their first time to know this.

Next, Nino.
Nino said he hasn’t use the pocket money given by Riida and Sho during new year, and he has been keeping them till now.

OK, all of them never heard about it.

Next, Aiba-chan.
Aiba chan said he bought a penmanship set recently and he’s learning how to write with that.

Sho was quite shocked to hear this.
Four of them said this’s their first time to learn about this.

Riida : “I didnt know he bought it”.
Sho : “ya?”
Riida : “I only know he’s going to buy it”
HAHAHAH So that means Aiba chan told riida before ne.

Last, Sho.
Sho said he likes to use rucksack recently.

Urm…. look at members’ expression… lol

So…… everyone knows it lol

Aiba said… “the one you like to put in a lot of your things right?”
Sho… “ya….”

Not sure of the contents of the variety…

They will have their own theme, and work with five different directors.

Riida : Prank (いたずら)
Has something to do with art painting, riida said he’s looking forward to it.

Sho: True face (素顔)
Sho doesnt have much friends in the entertainment era, so this corner is going to show how he’s going to make friend with other artist.
Hmm….? Sound fun, but Sho has enough of friends i guess…. lol

Aiba: gourmet
Will be introducing the gourmet around Japan.

Nino: Conte (コント)

Jun: Challenge

Going to show for 2 midnights~

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  • amivie neski
    22 5月, 2013, 10:57

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    waaa!! this is super!! such a great news!! thank you for translating and sharing this.. I can’t wait to watch this!! I wonder how the show will look like..
    I also know about ohno’s and his tooth extracted from fans.. I never pay that much attention but still shocked  to know he extracted them… and everyone knows about sho rucksack~ XDDD so cute~! 
    thanks again!

  • aieh
    22 5月, 2013, 17:31

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    i thought it is going be a regular show., oh well, it’s ok, i think it will be great, really looking forward to it.:)
    thanks for this.^^

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