I just love Arashi Around Asia Photobook :)

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I actually got this book yesterday!! It was an old photobook and was already sold out in Amazon, left only those second hand one selling from other sellers.
I happened to see it in a bookstore. It was sealed and I could not revise the contents before buying, but with the high technology nowadays, I managed to check the reviews of the item through my handphone 🙂
What ? private photos available? THAT’S IT !! I LOVE OFF-SHOTS ! 🙂
240 pages with thick cover! 1900yen.. REASONABLE ! *LOL*

Alright, I guess most of you have seen the AAA DVD which records their first time to Asia (2006.07.31) They went around 3 countries (Thai, Taiwan, Korea) in a day to promote their new album which was released on the same day in these countries, and also for their first Asia concert promotions. We’ve seen them in their private jetstorm, we’ve seen how they spent their time in the jetstorm joking and making fun of each other, how Jun, Sho and Ohno trying hard to memorize those speech in the local languages while the two “nothing-to-do” guys, Nino and Aiba busy planning what to eat, they said it was a “gourmet tour” 😆 It was a good “documentary” (?) DVD which records what happened at the backstage, you can rarely see their sleeping face! They must be real tired…

Arashi in their private jetstorm

Oops, I’ve run out of topic, ok, this photobook is a “static” version of the DVD, it includes many “behind-the-scenes” shots during this 1 day trip to Thai, Taiwan, Korea and also the photos for concert, Asia Music Festival which was held few months later after. There are many rehersal photos, and also what i love most is the MEMBER’S PHOTO DIARY in each countries!! Similar to “Arashigoto”, members uploaded photos which were taken by themselves.

Aiba injured his fingers … the story was quite amusing !

Also, remember the teriyaki chicken that Sho mentioned when having their lunch buffet at Taiwan?

He said that was the most delicious teriyaki chicken he had ever eaten before in 24years!
Other members were also praising the chicken too, and Jun appeared.
Sho keeps saying “umee~~ (delicious), it was the best teriyaki chicken i’ve ever had in my life!”, and the other members cant stop laughing because he keeps on repeating the same phrase again and again.
Jun was some sort like “Dont exagerate, we also have nice teriyaki chicken in japan”, and he had a bite of it.. and we could see his astonished face after that *LOL* Sho was so proud, “Nah, desho? I’ve told you that’s the best teriyaki chicken!” 😉
Sho even took a picture of the chicken and we can finally see the “World No1 teriyaki chicken” nominated by Sakurai Sho in this book *LOL*

It’s really enjoyable to flip through the pages, Johnny’s Entertainment really know how to attract fans.. Unlike most artists, their photobooks contain mostly photos which are taken unconsciously. Fans love this, right? We do not need any official nice posing shots, we can get those from magazines 8)

Jun stretching, and leader…. sleeping.. *LOL*

Aiba cutting nails, Nino and Sho eating

Jun and leader, relaxing…?

Sho and Jun just out of shower ? Kyaa~~~

Jun's diary (Taiwan) He was trying to make funny face :p

Nino's diary (Taiwan), his comments on Leader was so funny!

Sho's Diary (Korea). Nino is trying to pose cute (right bottom)

Kya!!! Sho and Jun after shower. I like Sho's messy hair !!

Nino pure innocent look? *LOL*

Press Conference for Asia Song Festival. They represent Japan!

Many faces of them

Arashi having breakfast at their hotel

By the way, I am not sure of the place they went for photo session in Korea, maybe it’s mentioned in the DVD, I need to check it later, but I think the place was quite beautiful~
Here are some photos taken at that place.
They had “kimuchi reimen” and “chijimi” for their lunch. Most of them cant eat hot and spicy food except leader, but seems that they enjoyed their lunch. I remembered Korean food were really spicy ^^;

I like this picture. Bamboos are sooo beautiful!

Sho in Korean Village

Phototaking session in Korean Village

Three countries in a Day!

OK, hope you enjoy these photos, I hope i can have every pages uploaded here!! There are just too many to show off 😆

Arashi Around Asia concert was a turning point for them.
They had a chance to stand in the Dome only after Asia concerts. All the while, they only had chance to hold concert in Arena (smaller capacity), and after Asia concerts, they were given the chance to perform in Dome, and later Kokuritsu. Johnny’s boss always teased them “hey you, arashi is very famous in THAI..”, they were always laughing at his irony remarks, but they swear to become No1 (as mentioned in Aiba’s letter in the 24hr tv), Now they’ve managed to climb to the top after 10 years of hard work 🙂

Available at Amazon

There are no more stocks in Amazon.co.jp except for second hand. Even Amazon.com too is out of stock now.
You can use the Request form if you want me to buy. If you want new one, I can try asking from bookstores, big bookstores might have stock.
And also, there might be sites for downloading the whole book, but personally I still feel that it’s worth buying, flip it and feel them 🙂

Also available at Amazon.com (Arashi Around Asia series merchandise)

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