Popcorn DVD

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Finally i have the time to open my Popcorn DVD !!

First edition comes with photobook.

Scene from DVD

There are many new dances in this Popcorn, i love the opening “Up to You”, “Welcome to our Party”, “Cosmos” and most of all “Superfresh”.

And also the song with Popcorn head is really cute!!

I love this shot of Nino, when he’s laying down and looking at the camera. Kawaii~~~

Sho was playing a fool when singing with the popcorn head *LOL*

Aiba chan kawaii~~~~

And Riida is sooooo funny when he’s throwing the ball *LOL*

And Jun was shaking his butt all the time *LOL*

Not to forget the water screen.
The song “Akashi” match the water screen very much!

Oops… Sho’s “ImaKao” is starting soon, and i shall stop here.
Lastly his solo ♪

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2 Comments on “Popcorn DVD”

  • zydny
    3 5月, 2013, 22:01

    Thank you! I enjoy reading your posts.

  • Persephone
    12 5月, 2013, 22:57

    LOL.. i was also SUPER excited when i got BOTH my First press LE and Normal ed DVD! 

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