Kazoku Game’s Game Vol.0-2 2013.04.16

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Etto…… i missed out one episode!!
Sho in fact updated 2 times before the first on air… on 15th, 16th..
I never expect he wrote so much for us, so i actually forgot this episode…


It’s me.

In this series, did you realize that i’m using my back silhouette as the background?

And the costume for this role too.

Even though it’s from the back, even though it’s silhouette,
we want people to know right away that it’s “Yoshimoto”.

That’s why we set the background to this.

A bit large size of jacket.

Big bag.

That’s the symbol ne.

So, here’s the bag.

It was really big.

Many things can be put inside.

And many things pop out from inside.

I’ll be carrying this for a long time.
Yoroshiku douzo.

Sakurai Sho

The background he means is this.
It’s the background in his diary.

By the way, everytime we saw his photo in his diary, it’ll be stamped into album.
So here’s the “half-process” until now.

Anyone want to buy the bag? But you’ll be shocked to see the price.. lol

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J.CREW  ウェッジウッドトレンチ brown

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4 Comments on “Kazoku Game’s Game Vol.0-2 2013.04.16”

  • Artsie
    2 5月, 2013, 4:06

    Thank you for translating and updating these entries! Only yesterday was I finally able to watch the first episode and found Sho’s character intriguing. Reading these updates now made my day! 🙂

  • zydny
    2 5月, 2013, 5:52

    Thank you so much for the updates! I am enjoying watching Kazoku Game, and I really like reading Sho’s diary entries about it.

  • amivie neski
    2 5月, 2013, 10:28

    gah!! takai!!! seriously~ hehehehe
    thank you so much for translating and updating!! it’s fun to read them!! ^0^

  • gnubutnes
    2 5月, 2013, 19:31

    Ooo..I never tought the bag is soo expensive. Rather than his silhouette,  I think the way he walking much represent Yoshimoto-sensei.

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