Kazoku Game’s Game Vol.3 2013.05.01

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OK, the fourth update at one gosh!! Finally i catch up with him! *LOL*
Urm… Quiz Sho is back tonight ? *LOL*

And this picture has nothing to do with Kazoku Game, just that Sho’s too kakkoii that i feel like putting up! *LOL*


It’s me. Tonight’s the on air for 3rd episode.

It’s quite sudden, but i’m going to give out a quiz.

(..Eh? Why ?)

This is the scene which will appear at the climax.

I visited here before during filming.

When i reached here, i just feel like..

It’s my second time here dayone?”

On which work (drama or movie etc) did i came here before ?!!

Well.. there’s no prize for getting it correct but please do think for it.

I’m going to announce the answer in next episode.

By the way it was really cold during the filming, unbelievable for April.


When i was busy making sure that everyone is warm enough, i forgot about the coldness..

I think i began to understand how parents actually feel.

(Hey.. you’re thinking too much)


Let’s meet at tonight’s 22pm.

…. IIne…

Sakurai Sho

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4 Comments on “Kazoku Game’s Game Vol.3 2013.05.01”

  • Shizuka
    1 5月, 2013, 21:46

    itsumo doumo arigatou!
    the picture reminds me the mago mago episode when the yama pair is making a short movie with the kantoku ojiichan…… katta? saa….

  • Shizuka
    1 5月, 2013, 21:54

    machigaechatta!! ^_^
    doko kana….. 
    next translation mattemaasu!
    o sewa ni narimasu!

  • Persephone
    2 5月, 2013, 0:05

    uuu…can’t wait to watch the 3rd ep! 
    arigatou!!!! rei-san, otsukaresamadeshita! u finally caught up with sho-kun! XD 

  • Sartika
    2 5月, 2013, 13:51

    Domo Arigatou for sharing,,Rei-san ^o^
    I wacth 1st and 2nd ep,,cant wait for 3rd ep!!! XD
    The picture is from Nazodi Dorama,, I forget which ep,, but when the story is about comic author dead near the temple,, isnt it?
    Plizz tell me if I’m wrong ^^
    cant wait next vol,, and your translation,, about the answer 😀

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