Kazoku Game’s Game Vol.2 2013.04.24

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OK, here’s the Vol2.
The picture below was a shot from magazine, Sho during filming. Kawaii~~~


It’s me.

Tonight. It’s the on air for 2nd episode.

So, can Shigeyuki-kun managed to go to school for one week?

This time, Yoshimoto-san is doing something rough again ne…

Daijyoubu desukane….. (Is it alright..)

… IIne…
(You just wanna say this)


This time the cook sensei who has accompanied me during “Nazotoki wa dinner no atode” is here again.

He made me “Sakurai Original Meal” secretly.

It’s here.

It’s very nutricious, and i’m so happy !!!
Really thankful to him.

Urm.. i wrote “secretly” just now, but with this update, i guess it’s no more a secret.

Congratulations to you all who gets to know this secret.


Tonight 22pm!

Yoroshiku Douzo.

Sakurai Sho

Again, interesting episode.. (;ω;)
I feel very happy because many of my friends and colleagues who are non-arashi fans said the drama is very interesting!!!
Keep it up!!

The drama opening was always comical LOL cant stop laughing at this morning exercise!!! LOL

Love this morning face~~~

The part when Shige-chan finally confessed that he’s scared of dying, and Yoshimoto went into his classroom and had a talk with the other students was so kakkoii!!!
“If Shiggeyuki-kun is being bullied again, i’m going to ruin all your life”

And i love one part that is when he’s eating cookies at home waiting for Shige-chan to come back. It looks so casual LOL I wonder if he really eats cookies like that at home, but i guess no.. he hates those cookies pieces dropping down on the floor or carpet! LOL
And also the “hi5 touch” with Shige-chan~ YEAH!

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2 Comments on “Kazoku Game’s Game Vol.2 2013.04.24”

  • Persephone
    2 5月, 2013, 0:00

    ma… itsumade, arigatou~! ^^

  • amivie neski
    2 5月, 2013, 10:26

    thank you!! wow so many updates!! hehehehe
    haven’t watch 2nd ep and can’t wait to watch it!! hehehe
    sho-san’s picture is so cute!!!! 

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