Kazoku Game’s Game Vol.1 2013.04.17

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It’s me.

At last!!



It’s the day for Kazoku Game’s first day on air!!


This is the living room which appears at the beginning of the drama.


It’s a wonderful house ne.

Wonderful house, wonderful living room.

Will first episode end in such a beautiful condition as the picture now?

Tonight’s 22pm!!

Do look out for it!

Sakurai Sho

First episode has been around 3 weeks ago, but still cant forget the shockness i got from it.. really an interesting drama, and it’s first time to see Sho in this kinda role.

Cant forget the way he slapped Shige-chan….

And of course the climax…..

The one at the forest… kowai yo……………

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2 Comments on “Kazoku Game’s Game Vol.1 2013.04.17”

  • amivie neski
    2 5月, 2013, 10:25

    love the 1st ep!!! seriously sho-san is sugoi!! his character is pretty much hard to read~ thanks for translating!! ^^

  • Marisa
    3 5月, 2013, 23:05

    Thanks for translating :)
    I really love this drama so much, it is so interesting XD

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