Sakurai Sho’s festival

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Every week, you can see magazines featuring Arashi here and there.
Yeah, everyweek, since they have 3 regular varieties, so you can always find them in those weekly/monthly tv guides.
Besides these tv guides, you can see them in all sorts of magazines, fashion, interior, health etc etc
Wonder how many interviews they have to attend to everyday.. it’s non stopping..
But thanks to them, it’s my routine now to stop by the bookstore on my way home, almost everyday, enjoying looking at them *LOL*

July was the “busiest” month for me, whenever i visit the bookstore, “new-looking” Sho is always there to greet me 🙂
Yeah, it’s “Kamisama no Karute”.
He has been making appearance in LOTS of magazines to promote his new upcoming movie.
I even saw one “Sakurai Sho Corner” inside Shinjuku’s bookstore today *LOL*

And on the shelf above this you can see….


Sho’s magazine 2011/07


There are still a lot coming up on August!!
Frankly, I don’t really have the money to get all of them….
I seldom spend money on magazines, unless I like the interview very much.

If you’re keen on any of them, feel free to contact me.

My biggest concern now is “Kamisama no Karute”, it’s only 2 weeks away!!

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