Recording experience for ImaKao 2013.04.18

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I’m going to write on my experience attending the recording for ImaKao (Ima kono Kao ga sugoi) which is broadcasted today.
Urm… honestly please don’t expect much… The recording took place around 1 month ago, and i forgot almost 99% of the contents….
Just some of my personal view and off-record facts on Sho, ok?

Have you watched tonight’s episode?
Well, i attended the recording for this one.

Reached TBS around 40minutes earlier and they were having this event on ImaKao.
Hmm, just poster and you can take your picture at the spot there, and those photos will be used to form Sho’s face in the website (previous event, i guess most fans knows it)

Signboard at the pillar telling us where to gather.

We’re all given the “ticket” when participating in the recording.

If you watched the show, you’ll know that the program consits of :
(1) Karasawa san interview – around 20mins
(2) Lady truck driver – around 15 mins
(3) Hot and spicy food – around 15 mins

The actual recording took around 2.5 hours.

Karasawa san interview – around 1 hour
Lady truck driver – around 30 mins
Hot and spicy food – around 45 mins

So many parts of the show was cut. Well, as predicted. I wanted to talk more on the contents but i really cant remember anything…. 😥 so, i’ll only talk about the Sho himself.

If you watched tonight’s show, you can see that he stumbled on his words at the opening of the show.
I thought it’s going to be cut, but they showed it O(≧∇≦)O
He was so angry with himself… :p

Hmm.. as mentioned earlier the interview with Karasawa-san took 1 hour.
He really speak non stop… believe me, it’s non stop..
Whatever the guest replies, he knows how to enter the topic or bring up another topic, there’s no silence in between. I feel a bit tired even after listening for 1 hour, but he’s still there talking.. I’m really impressed.

During the part where they eat those hot and spicy food, they prepared water for the guests and it’s not enough.. Sho keeps on perspiring but he has no water to drink.. he tried to hold on and he didnt even complain or ask for water.

Once the recording stops, the staffs brought him water, pet bottle with straw. Maybe he feels too hot, so he took out the straw and drank the whole bottle… drinking and drinking and drinking… ( ゚Д゚) Fans are kinda “kya~~~” when seeing him drinking in that way, and he smiled *LOL*
Then the staff wiped his sweat on his headache and neck.
But he still cant stop sweating after that.. and during another interval when the staff brings him water again he said he doesnt need that and in fact he took a hand towel or handkerchief? and keep on wiping his sweat on his neck.. Poor Sho…

In the show, the Harisenbon and another guest ate those hot food, and he asked if they’re ok during interval. Sho talked a lot to Harisenmon’s Haruna.

There is one part when the director said “3…2….” and recording starts, but he suddenly feel awkward and asked to stop. Looks like the instruction on the paperboard from director is different from his material. So he tried to confirm the contents, but looks like there is a change, then he just said “OK” and switched to the new contents. Pro dane~~

Oh yeah, he stumbled quite a few times today.. around 4 times… :p
Everytime he feel so bad and appologize for it.

Oh, the part where he do the narration for the VTR, he was actually standing there at the green backscreen.
Narration at the same time the VTR is being played. There is a staff standing there doing the countdown for him, and he really knows how to manage his speaking time according to the VTR.

At the end of the recording, he walked past me (i was above the stairs though) and get out of the studio.
I can see him taking a big breath, blow his cheek (sorry i dunno how to express this..) and breathed out (Hu…)
I can feel that he’s very tired.
As a host in a variety, he need to react more exagerating, ie laugh a lot, talk a lot, jokes a lot..
You know, sometimes not every single situation is funny, but as a host, he needs to react more to attract audience. I can feel that he’s really tired after a non stop of 2.5 hrs of recording.

After attending this show, i know it’s not an easy work.
Maybe he looks so happy and lively in the tv, but believe me the recording is long and he’s there keeping his mind going and talking non stop there… Hontoni otsukaresama

As for this show… frankly i’m not very satisfied…
Ever since i watched the SP before the first episode, i just feel like the contents are a bit messy..
Everytime they wanna introduce people who are “sugoi” but everytime the contents takes only around 10minutes.. is it really that sugoi ? I think it would be better if they can really introduce someone who really can bring high inspiration to others and make the whole contents more fullfilling with longer program, i don’t mean serious one, but if it’s really “sugoi”, it shouldn’t be something which can be explained in 10mins.. it lowers down the quality… or they can just have the guest talk for longer time. I really dunno how the show is going to survive with only this theme/style… hmmm… so i feel kinda sad and complicated because the host is working hard, but the show itself is … hmmm… many of my Sho fans fall asleep while watching…………… ORZ………………….

Anyway, keep on supporting 😀

AHH i forgot to mention, he’s much slimmer than on tv!!! at least 1/3 slimmer!!!

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7 Comments on “Recording experience for ImaKao 2013.04.18”

  • chokoreito
    19 4月, 2013, 1:49

    Omg he was sugoii ne
    He works so hard, im impressed
    Otsukaresama Sho-kun
    I hope the rating can improve soon
    Thank you so much for sharing this ne <
    He works so hard, i feel like i sholud work harder too :))

  • Persephone
    19 4月, 2013, 4:23

    awww.. poor dear…otsukaresamadeshita sho-kun!! ganbare!

    i wonder if how much input he has on the show itself, aside from being the host? 
    Does it work like Zero’s ichimen? hurm??

    anyway… thank you for sharing!! ^^

  • Shidori
    19 4月, 2013, 7:25

    I was waiting for this!
    Poor Sho! He must be exhausted! 
    You’re sooo lucky! He walk near you!! ♥♥♥

    Thank you so much for share! 

  • amivie neski
    19 4月, 2013, 10:45

    kyaaa!! you are so lucky he walked past you!! kyaaa!! i’m super happy for you!
    i don’t have the chance to see this show yet.. but based on what your are writing it seems a bit dull and not really ‘WoAAH!!’ kind of a show..  but i hope they can strengthen their show because as you put it sho really works hard in it.. not to mention other staff too… maybe after 1st ep the director will know which direction they should turn to.. maybe invite an alien or something… that would be super sugoi!!! XDDDD or people that can speak up to 12 languages.. or Donald Trump and the secret to Trump Family Success or something like that..  still i wish they all the best!!
    and thank you for writing about this! it’s fantastic! is it easy to get the bangumi’s ticket? do you have to pay or do anything?
    oh, and have a happy weekend!! yeah!!! ^0^

    21 4月, 2013, 0:00

    This show is really boring but after i read your entry, it made me impress this show and sho more ^^
    He’s really hardworking!!! We don’t know how hard one EP can be ne…
    thanks to u for let us know this point.

  • Sherry
    21 4月, 2013, 8:02

    Yep. I cannot agree more with what you are thinking. I do not really see the second episode, but I also kinda feel that the guests of the first episode are not that impressive on me.  I can strongly feel Sho kun was trying so hard to make the show systematic, impressive and funny and so was Ariyoshi san. But it is just so tough with this show’s overall arrangement. So  I have no reason to blame Sho kun. Maybe the staffs need to work harder to find out  a better time arrangement and make the show more attractive. 

  • AdjukiAngelzCcx
    25 4月, 2013, 0:02

    Woah. I must say I’m impressed.. You could still recall most of the important ‘events of the recording. You’re really lucky too >< To be there~ Thank you so much for writing this review \(//w//)/

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