Incoming mail from Sho 2013.04.17

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Incoming mail from Sho this afternoon~
Arigato-ne!! (≧◡≦)~♥


Believe me, you’ll get excited when you hear your mobile phone ringing or burping, and when you opened it you saw incoming mail from this Mr. Sakurai Sho (LOL)

Title = Sakurai desu


Boku desu (It’s me).
This is the real Sakurai Sho.

Recently there are many junk mails coming to me from Sakurai Sho… it’s really irritating..
Hmm.. who on the earth is he….

Tonight’s 22pm
It’s the first episode of “Kazoku Game”

I was too excited that i feel like sending this email.

The role which i’m playing
(It’s not “Arano”, it’s “Kouya” dayo) ← The Kanji words can be read as Yoshino Kouya or Yoshino Arano.

It’s a role which i havent play before and havent meet before, so i’m really enjoying it.

I mentioned this earlier, that this’s a very thrilling drama.

I’m looking forward to know what’s your response and how you’ll feel watching it.

Tonight’s 22pm!!

90minutes SP for the first episode!!

Yoroshiku douzo!!

Sakurai Sho

Just finished watching..
It’s really interesting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don’t say that because it’s Sho, but it’s really interesting!!! ( I didnt praise Nazodi on first episode LOL )

It’s a bit eerie… and yet thrilling and yet comical and funny.
You just gotta watch it!!

Sho's hand...!!! LOL

AAhh.... (;ω;)

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4 Comments on “Incoming mail from Sho 2013.04.17”

  • Persephone
    18 4月, 2013, 1:38

    huh?? mail from sho?? kyaaaaaaaaaa~~~~

    naze??????!!!?? spam from service provider or because you’re a fan club member? 

    rei125 Reply:

    it’s from him, i wont post spam ^^; johnnys subcribed web service

  • Bea
    18 4月, 2013, 1:42

    So many impostors of him nowadays, huh. The SP is good, although I got surprised by the last few scenes. *___*

  • amivie neski
    19 4月, 2013, 10:50

    kyaa!! mail from him will make me smiles all day!! hehehe~
    i really can’t wait to watch this drama!! yatta!! 
    thanks rei-san!

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