Otonoha Vol.113 2013.04.15

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I had to go for three interviews today.. so i had no time to translate it yesterday..
His Otonoha for this month is here~
And his new diary for Kazoku Game has started,, i will translate it other day… *TIRED*


It’s me. Sakurai who has starts his role as Yoshimoto now.

At last “Ima no kao gao sugoi” has started few days ago ne.

Have you watched it?

I hope you enjoy the talk’s rhythm between me and Ariyoshi-san.

The recording was really very fun, yeah.

And i would like to continue cultivating this show, so minasan, yoroshiku onegaishimasu.


I was thinking of reporting on my recent condition or story… but…


There’s nothing which i havent say!!

I think i have talked almost everything is tons of magazines and tv programs…

(OK, i know i’ve been talking nonstop on how i enjoy eating yakiniku alone)

Hmm…. If i were to say anything..

Well, the other day when i get down from the taxi,

Driver : “Please tell me if you’re ready”
Sakurai: “Hai, daijyobu desu! Onegaishimasu”

Driver: “Noted! Hai !! Door open desu!! ”

It’s just like a title call….

I just find it quite amusing.. yeah.. that’s all…

(Hey.. you talked too long..)
(And it’s on something which does not matter at all!)

Finally it shall be the first episode of “Kazoku Game” the day after tomorrow.

Which mean.. i’ll be making appearance in a lot of varieties since morning.

Hmm.. i wonder if i have other things to talk on myself…

Douzo, do anticipate for it!!

See you day after tomorrow.

In front of tv.
(It’s just like showa taste..) ← i think that’s the phrase people introduce tv program in Showa era? I’m not too sure…


Sakurai Sho (Yoshimoto now)

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh............... (;ω;)

Rehearsal... i love this pic!!

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3 Comments on “Otonoha Vol.113 2013.04.15”

    17 4月, 2013, 1:47

    hahaha he seems have nothing to say…
    He must be super busy so we will support him through ^^

    Thanks for translation +++

  • Persephone
    17 4月, 2013, 3:21

    uwahhhh.. adore his simplicity to bits!! dork and all…  XD


  • Sartika
    18 4月, 2013, 21:21

    Thanks as always for Otonoha translation ^o^
    I’m always wait Otonoha every month,,hehehe 😀
    aaahhh,, I want to watch Kazoku Game >~<
    Otsukaresama ^-^

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