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It’s late midnight 2:30am and i’m very sleeeeeeepy!!
But just saw that a lot of people wants review on this Hanamaru Cafe, so i just try my best to write it tonight, or else i don’t think i will have the motivation to write later *LOL*

He turned up as live guest in Hanamaru Cafe to promote his new variety “Ima kono kao ga sugoi”.
The last time he appeared as guest was around one year ago when promoting Blackboard. You can check the article here if you missed it.

They first talked on the “Ima kono kao ga sugoi” promotion, ie the projector monitor on TBS building.
Sho said “I guess those who sit near the window must have hate me very much” HAHAHAH
And he mentioned that his mum went there specially to see it. He said his mum was there a few days ago in the evening and inside a restaurant which can see the whole TBS building. His mum mailed him and asked him what’s the time the projector will start, Sho said he was filming for “Kazoku Game” when he received his mum’s mail and he’s not in the mood to reply his mum LOL
He asked staffs and replied her then and his mum told him that she viewed it.

Many fax came in~

OK, as usual the breakfast.
Sho’s order was yogurt with berry sauce, his breakfast every day recently. He bought it at convenience store. He had it this morning too.

KAWAIII !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (≧◡≦)~♥

When asked why he did not stir and mix the yogurt with the sauce, he said that’s his style, just like curry, he never mix the curry and rice, just had them separately, only when he eat it with honey sauce, he will mix.

OK, next the Hanamaru photo corner.

First, his university’s entrance ceremony. It’s April and it’s a beginning of year in Japan.

They played “Sakura Sake” when showing Sho’s this picture and he was kinda shocked and laughed.
Then the host told him that they’ve been playing this song this whole week and Sho said “oh… ok. i will go and thank all the people in charge” (LOL)

It has been around 13 years since then.
They then showed his interview during that time.
When asked if he tied his necktie himself, he said his manager tied it for him, he never do that before and he doesnt know how to do it.
He mentioned that Nino knows too and sometimes he asked Nino to help him.

Sho keep laughing looking at those old interviews (LOL)
Then he mentioned that Nino’s uniform was blazer last time, so he knows how to tie the necktie himself. When the screen show’s Nino’s picture at the right bottom, Sho said “yeah yeah, he’s Ninomiya” LOL

Sho said school is is private space, he feels awkward when medias turn up at his school. He said his friend has been laughing at the back seeing him on interviews.

When asked if it’s tough to maintain his study as well as being an Arashi member, he said it’s not tough at first because when they start debut, Nino & Jun were only high school students, so their jobs mainly starts in the evening.

But when he was 20, he participated in “Kisarazu Cat’s Eyes” drama and it clashed with his school exam, he was soo busy until he has no time to sleep at all. He said that’s the toughest time, but now when he looks back at it he feels that’s a good experience. Now even though he’s very busy, he said nothing can compare to those days, so nothing seems to be much difficult to him now.

Then then talked about his parents.
Sho said he applied Johnny’s junior without informing his parents so his parents were actually against his idea joining the Johnnys Entertainment. How they support him truly but last time they warned him that they will ask him to stop if his result drops or if he cant graduate.

The next photo: “From member”

Sho shows the birthday present he got from Ohno.

He said Ohno mailed him and asked what he wants for his birthday.
He replied him “stylish room wear”.
And so Ohno gave him this. Sho said he passed him this present together with the paper bag from the department store that he bought. It was quite a “high-class” department store, so Sho jokes that Ohno’s main purpose is to tell him that he bought the present from the department store LOL

Sho said he changed into the room wear, and took picture with it and mailed to Ohno saying thank you.
Ohno replied “It suits you well..” HAHAHHAHA
Ahhhhhhh i wanna see Sho in that room wear!!! (;ω;)

When asked what about other members, Sho said he got glass from Aiba, speaker from Jun and jeans parker from Nino.
Giving and receiving presents among themselves has been a “culture”.

During his birthday this year, he was filming at Nagono for movie (Kamisama no Karte 2).
He was supposed to wake up early on his birthday for filming so the night before it he got into bed at around 11pm.
He was thinking that maybe he’ll get a lot of birthday wishes when the clock strikes 12, so he switched off all his mobile phones and slept till the next morning.

The host then asked him “So there must be lots of incoming birthday messages when you switch on your phone the next day”
Sho said… “Hmm…… not as much as expected actually (LOL)”

Sho was chosen as “The actor which you wanna be in love with No.1”.
He said he never knows about the ranking but there are friends mailing him and congrats him LOL
He said he doesn’t know what’s that ranking and feels quite puzzled.
He said nothing in his life changed because of the ranking so he feels nothing about it LOL
He said if he’s still young like those days in the university, maybe he will get the wrong meaning, but he’s 30 now, so he knows how to keep calm and think realistic.

The next photo: Cambodia (Angkor Wat) Turkey (Istanbul)

YEAHH~~ as usual his private travelling photos are here~~~
He said last time when he appeared in Hanamaru, he showed his photo to Vietnam and Russia, so this time when he was travelling he thought he might have the chance to show in Hanamaru again, so he tried to take photos seriously LOL

He went to Cambodia March last year, altogether 3 people.
Cambodia was his idea, he has always wanted to go there.
It was a 2 nights 3 day trip. He said travelling is always tiring (you know he likes to put in a lot of program in it), but it’s also a great refreshment for him.

As for Istanbul, he said it was SAIKOU and really enjoyed it.
He said his travelling style was like the picture, holding one camera in hand and also another movie camera.
The host said he looks like a father attending children’s sports day, Sho said he guess he will be like that if he has children (≧◡≦)~♥

He had a few special plan for his friends during this two trips.
The one at Cambodia was a successful one and the one at Turkey was spoilt LOL

The first one was a birthday surprise party for his travel mate at Cambodia.
He said he planned it with the travel agency and tour coordinator. On the last day before they left their hotel, he asked them to prepare a cake and bring it to hotel, and they sang birthday song for this friend.

It was very successful and his friend was very happy, so when he then went to Istanbul, by chance it was another friend’s birthday too, so he thought he want another surprise.
Again he planned with the tour coordinator.
On the last day of their tour, when they were having dinner at restaurant. It was a restaurant with live band, and there many tourists from many countries including Japan, there are belly dances~ Suddenly the lights were all off and then a big birthday cake was out, and the spot lights were all on them..
Sho said he forgot he has planned this surprise and he feels so embarassed when the spotlights were on them (LOL)
So he keeps covering his face with his hands. There are other japanese tourists too but luckily none of them spot him! In the end, around 60,70 people celebrate for his friend’s birthday there LOL

And Sho gave his friend a special present, that is a ticket for sight-seeing in a helicopter!!

He said he bought around 4 books on the trip and most recommend this sight-seeing on helicopter.
He said his friend is a normal salaryman, first he has to take leave to accompany him, and since this’s a short trip, the hotels are all expensive also, he feels a bit bad about it, so he decided to pay for the sight-seeing on helicopter.
He laughed and said he was 30 and his friend was 36. Imagine a 30 years old guy giving a 36 years old guy sight-seeing ticket on helicopter! He said his friend nearly fall in love with him! LOL
Dear Sho-chan, who will not fall in love with you with all the sweet surprises!!

The host said, since you can do such a romantic thing for guys, how about girls.
Sho said this’s the first time he did such a romantic thing, and cant believe that it’s for guy and not girls! LOL
He said maybe if it’s girl, he’ll feel shy…

Sho said he loves preparation.
He said if he goes dating, he would like to do “location hunting” first before deciding where shall they go LOL
He said if he has the time, he’ll go and check all the places before dating the girl.

As for what type of girls he like, he said those which he feels easy being with her.
He said his definition is the same, girls with sweet smile.
He said people often say that they need a relationship with good stimulation so that both parties can continue to grow up, but he doesnt need that.
I like to be with her because i like her, i like her, so i wanna be with her. That’s all.

Next picture: My boom

Recently he’s absorbed in family restaurant.
He always go there with his manager during their break (filming).
He said the family restaurant nowadays are sugoi, not only with drink bar, but also salad bar, soup bar, curry bar and rice bar!
He is trying to take more protein now, so he doesnt eat curry and rice, having more meat and salad.
He said no one notice him inside the restaurant bar because everyone is too busy eating LOL

And he also enjoys going for “yakiniku” (roast meat) alone, recently twice in a week. In japan this is very rare to have “yakiniku” alone.
He said yakiniku is easy and fast, he eats while reading his script and can finish in 30-40minutes.

And another photo on his training.
Those training goods that he borrowed from his trainer.
Push up, and also the weight bag to be tied to his leg and he will do lifting with the ball.
It’s around 1.5kg per pack.
He said he will exercise during their filming break, and he often sweats a lot and got a scolding from the make up artist.

Next, quetions corner. Questions from audience.

Q: What type of food which you think it would be great if a girl can cook it very well ?
A: Hmm.. there’s no certain food but if she can just cook anything from those leftovers in the fridge i think that’s really wonderful. And also one thing, i really think those girls who can put tofu on her hands and cut it are very clever!!
When asked if he wanna try cutting the tofu like that, he said NO WAY ! hahaha

OH NO !!! I dare not put tofu on my hands when cutting!!! I must learn!!! ORZ

Q: I feel like sleeping when i start to study.. how to overcome?
A: I used to take a nap 30minutes or 15minutes once i reached home before i start studying. I think that’s a good way.

Q: You learnt a lot of things, which one you think that it’s good to have learnt it?
A: Piano. I’m glad that i can read the score. And it’s the only thing that i’ve continued until now.

And that’s the end of the interview.
Before i watch this, i only saw the pictures and i feel that he’s kakkoiii~~~
After watching, i know i like this person because of his personality~~~ (≧◡≦)~♥

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  • Shizuka
    15 4月, 2013, 2:49

    Kamisama bless you!!
    thank you Rei-san!
    I’ve been learning your wonderful language, so I guessed most of the meaning of this episode, but reading your pages is always a pleasure! 
    greetings from Italy (^_^)/

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    thank you so much rei-san!!!
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    it makes my morning fill with sun-shine!! though it already bright but now it’s brighter!!
    i loves how arashi member always gives present to one another… but after a few years won’t it be hard to search for present that they haven’t given yet? LOL 
    but thank you for all your hard work!!!

    rei125 Reply:

    hahahaha good that it brights up your day~
    i also wonder how they choose the present. Sho likes to give them the things he used it himself and find it useful~

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    Thank you so much! Your posts are always so interesting to read, and I’d love to see more!

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    arigatou ne for sharing~
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    hehe ^_^

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    Thank you so much for sharing this ^o^
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    Otsukaresama, Rei-san ^o^

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  • Laura
    15 4月, 2013, 21:34

    Thanks so much! I saw it but couldn’t understand so much, so thanks for your lovely review, he looks so handsome, love his hair. And knowing what he is saying makes you wanna go kyaaaaaaaa! Arigatou =D

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    15 4月, 2013, 22:16

    Thank you so much for all your hard work in translating! Reading this made me very happy. The pictures are amazing. I am so glad to be an Arashi fan.

  • 21 4月, 2013, 12:02

    Hi! Thank you very much for this! Reading it has inspired my muses to come up with a fiction and I’m linking back to this page and crediting you. I hope it’s all right. Thank you very much! =) <3 

    rei125 Reply:

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  • Erika
    22 4月, 2013, 9:05

    I’m a bit confused here.  Does Sakurai still do not know how to tie his necktie until now?  Also, is he really that shy with the opposite sex?  Sorry if I sound rude, but his view on romance made me think that he is not really into female.

    rei125 Reply:

    the necktie story was during his school days. and as for opposite sex, i’m not him, so… i dunno ;;

  • 24 4月, 2013, 14:57

    Thank you for sharing and translating 🙂

    It’s really interesting! Sho is truly kakkoi!

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    Thanks x sharing ^^
    he’s the dream guy <3

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