Enjoy Vol.97 2013.03.30

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Feels like translating this volume of “Enjoy” because there is a warm story inside!!!

Tokyo has been getting warmer recently ne.
Sakura is blooming, it’s spring dane~

I feel like going for hanami~ (flower watching)

How are you all getting on?
I’m genki desu!!

It’s a bit sudden.. urm, first experience always remains vividly in everyone’s mind right?

Recently i had such a first experience dayo…

Few days ago…

I first went to Ohno Satoshi’s san’s house!!

We have debut for 14th years…
And it’s the first time desuyo!! LOL

Well.. i cant find the reason why he doesnt allow us to go.. and i almost gave up…

And finally !!

He finally let me go~ 😀 ぴかぴか (新しい)

He has been spending his time painting recently and he showed me all his works…



I cant believe he can put so much effort in what he likes to do…

He’s really an artist desuyo.
He’s sensei desuyo!!

I just feel kinda happy when he showed me all his hardwork masterpiece~


And after looking around his house for a while.. LOL
We went out for meal together.

It was a good time~

He really likes Arashi dane.

Let’s go again next time ne~

And also another thing.

A program which will be on-aired on 5April “Kabukicho zachou Special (Ima katarareru Kanzaburo … his life as a kabukicho …(sorry, long title..)” , i will be in charge of the narration.

Nakamura Shichinosuke and i were friends since highschool.
Nakamura family dotted on me since highschool…

It was sad… but when i see every family Nakamura family members trying hard to move ahead, i was thinking if i could do something for them.. and i got this offer.
I will do it heartfully!

For those who has not watch Kabuki show before, i hope you can take this chance to watch it.

I believe you can feel and learn something.
Do watch it please!
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

It’s spring and i hope i can spend my days with new feeling.

Let’s enjoy ne !

KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA So Jun visited Riida ne!!
Wonder if he’s the first Arashi member who visited Riida’s house.. LOL
Last time they always want to go to Riida’s house but Riida wont allow (when he still stays together with family)
Riida always say… “It’s not my problem.. my mum wont allow..” LOL
But actually……… not much people knows that Sho went to Riida’s house before.. LOL
He “confessed” it in a show i guess.. cant remember… that was when Riida is still staying with his parents.

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5 Comments on “Enjoy Vol.97 2013.03.30”

  • Eri
    3 4月, 2013, 1:32

    Thank you so much for translating ^_^ I really love the way Jun has “opened up” since last summer. His honest happiness is shining through his words.

  • Persephone
    3 4月, 2013, 1:38

    hahahah.. the way J writes about finally being able to visit Riida’s house is very similar to how Nino nags about not being able to have meals with Riida (of course, they finally did… last year! XD) 

    indeed, an achievement! 


  • 3 4月, 2013, 1:58

    Riida likes to bully his bandmates 😀 LOL

    Thank you for sharing!

  • amivie
    3 4月, 2013, 10:07

    wow!!finally, after all these years!! this must be one of the biggest moments for Jun!! ^0^
    he must be pretty happy that he got to visit ohno’s house rite!! like finally!! finally the mystery has unveil itself~ XDDDD
    i always wonder why he never let arashi members to visit his house.. is there a family’s secret involve?? something he doesn’t want them to know ( ・◇・)?
    i wish i can see his house.. i want to know how ohno’s house looks like with all the arts and fishing equipment..  he must have a lot of them… with his masterpiece here and there… heheheh it must be like an artist house or something.. XD
    anyway, thank you for translating! i’m so happy to read your blog! \(◦’⌣’◦)/

  • Rilda
    3 4月, 2013, 22:45

    Wow! He looks so full of happiness!
    Finally he could see Leader’s house.. I want to see his artworks! I really hope the other members will also be allowed to come in and explain in more details about his house..
    And thank you for sharing~!!

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