Report on Sho’s live appearance event 2013.03.27

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Today, Sho appeared at TBS for the light up ceremony for his new variety show “Ima kono kao ga sugoi”.
To be exact, it’s not a light up ceremony, it’s called “Project Show Mapping”, the commercial of his new variety is shown as projector art on building’s wall.
Urm… hard to explain, picture explains everything *LOL*

Sho appeared at Akasaka (the location of TBS studio), and the evening shows the event live.
Well, the news was only around 2 mins… あせあせ (飛び散る汗) maybe they will report more tomorrow morning.
The news was on Sho pressing the button and the light up started with “Happiness” as background music and Sho promoting his variety.

It was very short news today, but actually Sho was there for quite some time and here’s some of the off-record news i got from fans here.

While they’re waiting for the live report (news broadcast)
Sho said “中継入るまでちょ~っと待っててね! Please wait a while for the live telecast ne”
Audience: “ha—————-i”
Sho: “Today’s audience are all good people ne”

Sho: “みんな何時ぐらいから来てるの~?? Minna, what time you all came?”
Audience: “9am.. 2pm … 10am…”
Sho: “9am?? EH? 2pm? Sugoine.. Arigato gozaimasu”
He was in very good mood today.

Sho’s partner Ariyoshi was supposed to be there today, but he was absent because of other job. Then they showed the VTR of Ariyoshi. Ariyoshi said “初回から欠席ですみません…まぁ、今日来てる皆さんは、ただ!櫻井くんに会いたいだけでしょうから。 I’m sorry to be absent for our first promotion… Ma…. those who came today.. you all just wanna meet Sakurai-kun right..”
Sho was laughing there *LOL*

Sho : “I was working with Arashi members today”
Audience: EHHHHHHHHH !!!
Sho: “Iyaiya… it’s nothing so surprising right, well, i’m one of Arashi dayo (LOL)”

When asked about Arashi’s member recent condition, Sho talked on Aiba.
Sho: “マネージャーさんの話なんですが、相葉さんがドラマの打ち上げでずっと泣いてたらしいですよ~。本人自覚ないらしいですけど
I heard from our manager that Aiba cried during the Last Hope crank up party but he himself cant remember anything at all! *LOL*”
Sho: You can ask him next time you meet him (talking to MC)

MC: “Minasan, you all will be reflected in the evening live news telecast”
Sho: “そうですよ!お化粧直すなら今ですよ!! Sodesuyo! If you wanna re-makeup, it’s NOW”

MC : “Let’s check the weather tomorrow. It’s gonna be cloudy tomorrow”
Sho: (laughing loudly) “HAHAHAH ohhh so we’re really checking weather ne. Well.. it has been very cold suddenly.. indeed we need to check it”
Sho said he hates rainy days, the reason is because he hate umbrellas (LOL)
He said if it’s only drizzling, he wont care to open the umbrella at all.

It’s peach blossom season (sakura) in Japan now.
Sho said he only went to flower viewing once in his life.
I’ve only been to flower viewing once in my lifetime, and it was actually quite sugoi.. we played frisbee desuyo, and those who dropped it gotta do push up for 20times.. it wasn’t a pleasant memories (LOL)”
Then Sho asked “Anyone went for flower viewing this year?”
Not much response…. LOL

Sho said “僕がもうちょっと身長あったらね…後ろの方まで見えたんですけどねぇ。まぁ、こんなんなんでね(笑) If only i’m taller, then those at the back can see me clearer… but ma… i’m like this (LOL)”

MC: “So Sakurai-san, anything to say lastly?”
Audience: “EEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHH ?? ” (he just arrived not long ago)
Sho: “Sodesuyone…. that’s the reaction after waiting for so long ne.. Thank you so much for coming today and do remember to watch Ima Kono Kao ga Sugoi starting 4/11”

Today Sho stumbled on his words many times :p
Sho: “Urm.. i keep on stubling on my words tonight… so.. please do not check out the news when you reached home (LOL)”
Sho: “Ah.. do feel free to do so if you want (DOUZO gesture)” LOL

During the event, Sho was facing the project screen which means audience only look at his back.
Sho: “みなさんすいませんね~お尻を堪能して下さい♡ Minasan suimasen-ne, Urm, do enjoy my butts”
Sho: Huhuhu (LOL)

Looks like he was in very high mood tonight, very cheerful and jokes a lot.

Actually…. i went to the recording for his upcoming variety “Ima kono kao ga sugoi” あっかんべー
We’re not supposed to talk on anything before the on-air, so.. i shall not mention anything about this until it’s on-aired.
Mine was supposed to be the 2nd episode 😀

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6 Comments on “Report on Sho’s live appearance event 2013.03.27”

  • Persephone
    28 3月, 2013, 2:27

    kya!!!!!! sho-kun~~~~~ i love it when his in a good mood, i understand him if hes in a bad mood.. maa….. i pretty much adore him in whatever mood he’s in.. 😛

    arigatou! im seriously envious of you! 

  • Bea
    28 3月, 2013, 2:51

    He hates umbrellas, but he loves using them to poke rowdy fans. LOL. 

    It’s good that he’s in high spirits and I hope the best for him and Ariyoshi-san for this show. As always, thank you for translating, Rei-san. 🙂

  • ArashiCraze
    28 3月, 2013, 5:15

    sugoi! thanks for translation.

  • amivie neski
    28 3月, 2013, 7:49

    kyaaa!!~ sho-kun is really nice!! i envy people that get to meet him!! hehhee and thank you for doing the report!! it was so  much fun to read!!

  • 28 3月, 2013, 15:12

    Thank you for sharing 🙂 It does seem like he was in a really good mood. Audiance must have appriciated it.

    YOu went to his show? Kyaaa! Can’t wait for the report 🙂

  • Laoracci
    29 3月, 2013, 20:32

    he WAS in super high mood ^o^
    and i don’t mind to enjoy his butt XDDDD

    thanks for sharing Rei-san ♥

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