Otonoha Vol.86 2011/08/10

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It’s Otonoha’s Day!


It’s me.

It happened when I was travelling back to Tokyo in shinkansen.

Just when I sat down on my seat, a small little boy appeared.

“Ano…..” he said.

He was around 5-6 years old.

The little boy stood along the aisle.

Little boy : “Can I shake hand with you?”

Sakurai : “Hai, Hai, Doumo ”

The little boy went back to his seat.

Faraway there, I heard one conversation between the little boy and his mum.

Mum : “That’s good-ne”

I opened my bento and started eating.

It happened when I just had a mouth of “Sorobo” (a Japanese bento, minced chicken or pork, picture here).
The little boy appeared again beside me.
I looked straight at him.

Sakurai: “What happened?”

Little boy: “My………… future…….. dream…… is…….. to become Arashi!”

Buurrrrp !


Scattered all the “Sorobo” inside his mouth…

I was thinking hard.
Yeah, very hard…
What should I tell him..
How should I reply him…

After 5 seconds..

Sakurai: “Ganbatte-ne”

That’s the only word that came out from my mouth after a 5mins of brain storming.

The little boy then return back to his seat again.

Ahh……. I was so regretful.
I should have say something more encouraging.


“My future dream” of a small boy.


Hmm… yeah, it was indeed happy to hear that “Arashi” has been “nominated” as a kid’s dream.
That’s what I could say now.

What a blunder I’ve made..

Sakurai Sho

Sho’s original message, picture grabbed from weibo.com (Original source)
If you stay in Japan, pay 315yen/mth and you can read Arashi’s member’s diary through Johnny’s Web (mobile).
Sho’s diary is updated every 10th and 20th.
He has been writing since 2008/03/30, more than 3 years ago.
He shares all the stories around him, his family, his friends, and lots more..
all happy stories, sad stories, everything that comes to his mind..
It’s not only a homework for him to hand up. You can see that he writes everything sincerely.
There are too many stories to share.. sorry, I wont be putting up previous stories 🙁

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