Breathless x Calling ♪

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Finally i’ve the very little time to open my CD !!
And now Breathless PV is playing non stop on my tv right in front of me!! LOL
Yeah, since the song for Limited A and B are the same, i only chose one.. and i chose Breathless.
It’s the kind of music i love and since the intro was played in Bay Storm, i know i’m going to love this song even before i listen to it and see their performance. And after Music Station, i am even more sure that i love this more than Calling^^;
So i had to sacrifice cute Sho-chan in Calling PV…… *cry*
I’m happy because the recent singles are all my favourite, since Face Down ♪

Simple design

Nino, kakkoii!!!!!

Cool !!!

kakkoii!!! (≧◡≦)~♥

The PV is really killing me… just like the title, i’m BREATHLESS !!! LOL
I like the part when they jumped and “kicked”! and also the “oh-oh-oh” part when they move their body rhythmly!!






OK, i admit i’m biased… extra one photo for Sho :p

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9 Comments on “Breathless x Calling ♪”

  • zie
    9 3月, 2013, 2:04

    me too!!! i love breathless more 0.001 %  than calling after hearing the song XDD
    ALL OF THEM soooo cool!!! 

    rei125 Reply:

    0.001% lol

  • jenice
    9 3月, 2013, 2:56

    I myself re-listen to Breathless many many times during the day and also at night.
    At first I just don’t want to spoil nino and try to told myself I like Calling more than Breathless.
    Finally i found my common sense is right, I love this song more than Calling.
    Even both is so nice, but just a little bit, I know i’m always biased .. especially, for nino. ^_^
    Thanks for sharing your happiness to us. Arashi’s fans.

    rei125 Reply:

    no problem, well i just write out of excitement *LOL*

  • Christina Lau
    10 3月, 2013, 19:34

    the single’s songs didn’t stop once i got the it, day and night, even in my dreams..
    I’m still listening to it now~~
    Thank for sharing. Really loves everything you have shared..

    rei125 Reply:

    glad to hear that~~

  • amivie neski
    10 3月, 2013, 22:17

    that is so nice!!  i have watched the performance and it was super cool!!
    thanks for sharing!

    rei125 Reply:


  • Mio
    20 2月, 2016, 22:41

    love ur blog!:)
    i feel much love for arashi from hereXD
    do u have a facebook fan page?

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