Calling/Breathless message – by Sho

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Calling PV - Sho


Boku desu. Sakurai desu.

Just at the right timing, our 40th single.
We are going to have Double A Copy this time.

First it’s Aiba kun’s drama theme 【Calling】

It’s Rock desune~

The guitar’s riff, it was the type of music which i love when i was in Primary 6 ~ Secondary School…

Memories again !!!

That’s what i feel.

It’s so nostalgic, and yet so new. Well, that’s my personal feeling.

And, another is Ninomiya kun’s movie theme 【Breathless】

We danced. A LOT.

And the formation was quite delicate.

For those who wants to copy our dance, well.. ganbatte kudasai.

I’ll be supporting you behind.

By the way.. for the intro..

From still → movement

I like that part. I think it was cool.

Both are very forcible music.

Douzo Yoroshiku Onegai itashimasu m(__)m

Sakurai Sho

Breathless PV - Sho

Breathless PV - Sho

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4 Comments on “Calling/Breathless message – by Sho”

  • Bea
    4 3月, 2013, 1:07

    Awww, the guitar part in Calling, it reminds me his Shounen Club Premium episode that he pretended that he can play the guitar. LOLOL. Oh, Sho. 

    Anyway, thanks for sharing this, Rei-san!

    rei125 Reply:

    hahahhahaha yeah yeah.. in the end he never play it… until now i suppose… :p

  • Shizuka
    4 3月, 2013, 6:10

    itsumo doumo arigatou!
    chinamini, a “riff” is a short melodic phrase often repeated in a song.

    rei125 Reply:

    naruhodo!!!! arigatou gozaimasu!
    i’ve corrected it! :p

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