Calling/Breathless message – by Nino

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Calling PV - Nino

So… that’s it..

This time it’s theme for Aiba-shi’s drama “Last Hope” るんるん (音符)
And the theme song for my movie “Platina Data” will be also the theme song for 2nd copy 😀 double exclamationdouble exclamation

Hmm.. it’s gorgeous desune exclamation
Double copy is just like hmm…. “very delicous”, you can enjoy it twice,
It has been quite a long time where we release double copy.

I think most of you have listened to “Calling”, and i will be very happy if you could enjoy “Breathless” together with the movie (LOL)

The first single for this year exclamation Arashi’s 40th single double exclamation
Douzo yoroshiku onegai itashimasu exclamationexclamationexclamationexclamationexclamation

Breathless PV - Nino

Breathless PV - Nino

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2 Comments on “Calling/Breathless message – by Nino”

  • 5 3月, 2013, 4:48

    thank you so much for sharing.
    i love the lines when said ‘gorgeous desune’ that kind of reminds me with the thing he said in VIP Room which ‘i’m good-looking guy’ 😀

    rei125 Reply:

    Nino’s always like to “boast” lol but it’s so funny~

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