Aiba Hope Vol.6 2012.02.19

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Neglected Aiba Hope :p
Oops….. Aiba chan, you forgot to describe your dessert for tonight :p

Konnichiwa 😀
Tonight 9:00p,~ “Last Hope” Episode 6 desuyo double exclamation

The theme for tonight is…. eye or life….
Since eye operation is something which are rarely chosen as the theme for tv drama, this time we had a lot of eye surgeon beside us to help us on the drama. The operation was really sugoi… double exclamation

We not use only our hands, but also our legs… hmm.. i really cant figure out what’s everything… anyway it was a tough operation.

And very important character will appear tonight double exclamation

The picture uploaded today is the pressure-point goods at our filming area (sorry, not sure if i translate it correctly…)

I have been using it since the first day i film double exclamation
My favorite is the blue one 😀

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