What are the benefits if you get married to me

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Saw a set of old clippings uploaded from a Japanese fan, quite interesting that i must translate it out!!!
The question is “What are the benefits to get married to you?”
Let’s hear what five of them have to say !!! *LOL*


  • I can bring you to family travelling
    Sakurai family always has this family trip during summer. I hope i can have my own family trip too after i’m married. Whether it’s overseas or domestic, if you have any place you wanna go, just let me know. Wherever you wanna go, i’ll bring you to.

  • I am in charge of taking video
    Yappari we must store all the happy memories we had during travelling into video. I will be in charge of video taking. I’m always in charge of this even when travelling with friends (LOL) Don’t worry, i will edit it well too after taking.

  • I will eat everything deliciously
    Basically i eat a lot. People often says my reaction was very good when the food is delicious. I think i will eat in very shiawase mood in front of my wife.

  • I sees those celebration very seriously
    Whether it’s wedding anniversary or birthday, i will celebrate it every year. When i went to Mago Mago Arashi last time, i often meet granpas who has not been celebrating birthday for years, but i will definitely give present on birthday.

  • I will try to send/fetch you as possible.
    I hope we can take turns driving during our travel, so i stated that my partner condition must be someone who knows how to drive, but basically as long as i have the time, i will send/fetch you whenever you need.

KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!! Ahh…. i want to be Mrs Sakurai… (*^^*)


  • Can enter zoo with free pass
    I often had the chance to visit the zoo in my work, so i can show you all the zoos around the world. Well,, free pass it good also, i will tell you that it’s free pass, but i will pay it secretly (LOL)

  • I will BBQ for you
    During barbeque camp, i will set up the fire. I can also be in charge of the meat and vegetables, and when they’re ready will pass to you. But… if possible i hope you can help me set up the tent… (LOL)

  • We can be very happy
    I am good at creating those happy atmosphere, even when we’re only two together, i have confidence that we can enjoy ourselves just like with a bunch of friends together. It’s quite fun if we can just fool around two together.

  • I will buy omiyage (present) for you.
    I often get the chance to go to a lot of places. I will buy you present everytime. For example those delicious stuffs at the place, of maybe the same t-shirt that i bought for other members (LOL)

  • I’ll do anything for you
    As long as i can do it, i will do for you. For example, i’m very weak at waking up early, but if you want me to wake you up, i will ganbaru.

Urm..i dun like zoo…. orz…. LOL


  • Your friends will increase
    I will introduce you my friends, so eventually you will have more friends. You can be friend with my friend’s wife, and we can play together. I’m not the one to go and enjoy myself, i hope we can go together.

  • You’ll be more sociable
    When your friends increased, you’ll learn how to communicate with different type of people. And eventually you’ll be more sociable. And you’ll become like me, someone who cherish the time with friends (LOL)

  • You’ll learn how to argue
    I’m someone who always speak back, so if you wanna live with me, you’ll learn how to talk back! Maybe we can have an argue once a week? (LOL)

  • You can eat nice food
    Even after marriage, i will bring you out for nice food once a while. I have a lot of friends, so i know a lot of places with nice food. We can go to those nice restaurant during anniversary.

  • You can go to universe maybe?
    Well, i am very interested in the universe, and i hope to go there one day. But i bet it’s going to be a very big expense ne… especially going together. it would be good if there is sponsor (LOL)

Jun sees friends more important than wife…?


  • You can live easily
    Well, some people want their wife to stay on with make up on their face even at home. I don’t mind at all. You don’t have to decorate yourself, just be yourself.

  • I will cherish time together
    Now i often go out with friends but i’ve decided to cut down these activities after married. Basically i intend to stay at home after marriage during off day, so we can have much time together.

  • I can wash dishes
    When i was small i often help my mum to wash the dish. So, although i’m not good at cleaning the house, i’m good at washing dishes. I can help to clean up the table after meal.

  • I can clean the bathroom too
    Besides washing dishes, the housework which i can do is washing the bathroom. So i’ll help you in this. I hope my wife will be slightly happy with me helping her out.

  • I will give you handmake present
    On birthday or anniversary, i will give you present which i make it myself. If you want , i can even make our wedding ring. The only one in the world for the person i love.

realistic ne! helping to wash dishes and bathroom is important!!! LOL


  • I will not go anywhere
    What? You think this’s absurb? Please think carefully.. it means we can have more time two of us together. It’s a good benefit right?

  • You wont feel unsatisfied
    From the first benefit, i guess you’ll know that i don’t play outside. Besides going for meals with friends sometimes, most of the time i stay at home. So my wife wont feel that “Hey, my husband is always not at home” !

  • You can have your own time
    My wife can do anything she likes when i’m playing game. This is great right? We often hear people say they don’t have time for themselves after marriage, my wife will have plenty of time (LOL)

  • She can put blanket on me
    This is a rare benefit. I falls on sleep very easily, so my wife will have the chance to put on blanket for me. It’s a chance for her to feel the motherhood (LOL)

  • She can get a lot of information on Johnnys
    Well, i’m Johnnys ne. After marriage, i can tell her a lot of Johnnys news. And maybe to have chance to meet other Arashi members once a week! (LOL)

Nino………………. i’m speechless!!! (LOL)

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46 Comments on “What are the benefits if you get married to me”

  • Dayse
    21 2月, 2013, 2:40

    LOOOOVED this article! LOOOL
    Huum…I wouldn’t like to marry JUn or Aiba, (even though Aibaby’s my bias)

    rei125 Reply:

    aiba is yasashii~~

  • Persephone
    21 2月, 2013, 2:42

    OMG… XD

    sasuga Nino….  when everyone is `selling’ , he’s just………. 


    rei125 Reply:

    he is just too “cunning” LOL
    but that’s what we expect :p

  • Kinanti Fauzin
    21 2月, 2013, 3:30

    for everysingle article, clipping or anything like this, those who always ask arashi to speak out their mind, i always anticipate Nino’s..and, i’m never disappointed…TRULY LOL…

    thanks reichan 🙂

    rei125 Reply:

    yeah.. hahahahaha living up to expectation LOL

  • amivie neski
    21 2月, 2013, 3:33

    this is so cute!! thanks for translating!!
    i really like sho’s answer! he’s so kyaaa~!! 

    rei125 Reply:


  • Fieary
    21 2月, 2013, 4:07

    Thanks for sharing!
    SHO <3 ♡♥♡♥♥♥

    rei125 Reply:


  • 21 2月, 2013, 5:18

    “If you want, I can even make our wedding ring. The only one in the world for the person I love.”

    This alone places Leader about a mile apart from the others.
    Kyaaaaaaa~! My heart..  (*°∀°)=3

    rei125 Reply:


  • 21 2月, 2013, 5:45

    I wanna marry Nino x) So lax ♥

    rei125 Reply:

    more time to spend alone too~~~ :p

  • Erika
    21 2月, 2013, 8:12

    Nino ♥ Your reasoning alone is enough to make me want to be your wife (a❤‿❤a).

    I want to marry Sho too ♥ I love travelling, but I could not find someone who love it as much as I do. I hope that Sho has lots of stamina, since I’m a very active person.

    rei125 Reply:

    he definitely is!
    he moves more and “works” more during his trip compared to his work LOL

  • Kinanti Fauzin
    21 2月, 2013, 16:22

    rei chan, can i re translate this :)? of course i’ll make the credits go to you 🙂

    rei125 Reply:

    hi, yes you can~
    And in future, you can do this so~~ thank you for the credit~

  • 21 2月, 2013, 18:57

    Nino is being Nino AGAIN, thanks for being honest, now I know I shouldn’t marry you lol

    rei125 Reply:

    yeah~ that’s the Nino we like :p

  • fanni kun
    21 2月, 2013, 23:17

    May I share all my livejournal?
    I will make credit to you.

    rei125 Reply:

    yes. and thank you 🙂

  • Christina Lau
    22 2月, 2013, 2:13

    This is a very interesting post! Thank you for sharing~~
    It makes me even more wanting to get married with Nino~~<3<3

    rei125 Reply:

    Nino’s answer made me laughed non stop *giggles*

  • Sartika
    22 2月, 2013, 13:19

    Thanks for sharing this article, Rei-san 😀
    I want to marry Sho too ^o^
    He will never forget about wedding anniversary and definitely give present on birthday,, kyaa XD
    feels shiawase~~ 🙂
    and,, Nino is,,, Like NINO,, HAHAHAHA XD

    rei125 Reply:

    i wanna marry Sho too………………….. *cry*

  • Wen
    22 2月, 2013, 22:31

    Hahha thank you for the translation! Enjoyed reading it .. >< I really like Ohno's one though. It's really romantic! ^^ But being the bias me.. i'm going for Nino ~ despite him wanting to stay at home and play games the whole day ^^ but that's okay haha!! Even though we often heard how his gaming addiction actually turned off some girls.. it's actually a 'turn-on' for me o-o or am i just weird haha! Anyway thank you again ~ Hope to read more soon!

    rei125 Reply:

    at least both can spend time together at home whole day! lol

  • 22 2月, 2013, 22:35

    Even I ♥ Sho, But i want marry with Leader, simple but romantic ♥

    rei125 Reply:

    ohhhhhhhhh then i shall take away Sho :p

  • halima
    22 2月, 2013, 23:38

    thanks for translating this! its fun to read the guy’s views on being married..hehe.. eventhough aiba is my ichiban, im attracted to ohno’s….washing the bathroom..thats a must! haha…and hand-made presents, i shall look forward to that! i make cards & scrapbook layouts for my loved ones..it will be nice to receive one from ur own dearie..haha

    rei125 Reply:

    he’ll be happy to receive hand made present too!!!

  • santiya...wjktl
    23 2月, 2013, 19:21

    ochan…you are so sweet!!! i really want to marry someone that can help his patner!!! clean a bathroom….sugoi nee~~~

    nino…..I’m speechless!!!! u r also my type….i need my own time tooo….u r really understanding nee~

    rei125 Reply:

    i think nino is not being too honest in answering LOL

  • daíana
    24 2月, 2013, 4:24

    I don’t quite understand Matsujun’s idea of marriage, what if she is shy or doesn’t want to hang out with his friends that oftenly? He seems to be a devoted friend but marriage is different,a relationship needs space, spend time together alone. Does he want a wife or another buddie? well, maybe I misunderstood his words. As for Sho, I find him very mature,  thoughtful and compromised, he can clearly see whats important because he is able to put selfishness aside, the same as Ohno…how can that man be so freakin’ adorable? i would say yes without thinking! Aiba is sweet, kind and considerate, he is like a safe and warm and shining harbor, who would’t want to be with him but I’m afraid his feelings can be easily hurt so I hope he finds a yasashii woman (like me :-P). Nino…ummm I can’t figure it out if he is wether making fun of us or does he really mean it? O.o anyway, some parts soundreat! His wifey might have lot of children if he stays at home that much xD. Well, I think I would chose Sho <3 who cares anyway hehe. Thank you so much for translating this! it's really a must read interview 🙂 otsukaresama deshita ^_^

    rei125 Reply:

    i think Jun cares more on his friend rather than his partner….
    As for Nino, i’m 50% sure that he is playing a fool here… HAHAHHAHA
    Anyway, the reason i like Sho is still the same~~~~~ KYAAAAAA
    the feeling and image never change~~~~~~~

  • Hikari~
    25 2月, 2013, 3:33

    thanks dear :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD as always ^^..
    I choose JUN .definitely. =) Nino! you are LOVE <3 ……….and Ridaa!! You too!!!

    rei125 Reply:

    ok, i’ll take the remaining Sho :p

  • 26 2月, 2013, 3:50

    I wonder how much thought they put into the answers. They are too typical for them, or are they really that openin interviews that you feel like you know them, lol. Anyway…
    Riida is very realistic, talking about marriage as to share housework. Very domestic 😀 Sho and Aiba are also very normal. But Nino and Jun… uhmmm… Nino is too Nino 😀 Both of them think about finding THAT kid of woman or someone who would change herself for them. They are too similar in many ways 😀

    Thank you so  much for sharing!EH

    rei125 Reply:

    I dunno about others, coz you know this type of interviews, their answer change as they age on~
    But one thing for sure…. Sho’s answer never change on his partner or his ideal family…
    from 20years old to now 30years old…. T_T

  • jw_grayish
    17 3月, 2013, 22:44

    Glad to know this!! I think I like sho’s answer most! Nino’s nice too.. esp the part of meeting arashi member once a week! XD

  • laoracci
    17 3月, 2013, 23:33


    i think i’ve read/heard sho’s answer before.. and he is my ichiban.. and i love travelling too.. \(≧▼≦)/ then there’s ochan my other bias, his answers meet my needs XD so I want to be Mrs. Yama! \(≧▼≦)/ lol

    and nino.. oh nino.. you made me roflol XDDD

    ah it’s so hilarious, thank you so much <333

  • nikki anne
    2 8月, 2013, 16:37

    omg. im inlove with jun, but ill be either sho or riidaa’s wife. haha! 

  • Siti Winarti
    22 12月, 2013, 15:32

    always ohchan the best for me ,,,,, i wana married with him hahaha

  • Ayenah
    23 3月, 2014, 21:04

    Haha, I really love Nino. Just too being Nino again, I love his answer in no. 4 and 5…:-) 

  • Mah
    27 8月, 2015, 4:09

    Nino is LOL
    I’ll be perfect for him then bc I don’t like outdoor activities as well and I love to play games lol
    Aiba, no way xD we don’t match AT ALL.

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