Aiba Hope Vol.5 2013.02.12

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Late again! あせあせ (飛び散る汗)
Tuesday’s episode is quite a thrilling one. Love Hatano sensei at the operation~
But ichiban is the scene where he’s teasing Tabe-chan!! Oops… Tachibana-sensei ne~

I love this scene!!!

It’s the 5th episode for “Last Hope” tonight double exclamation
It’s a very busy episode double exclamation
And.. Takumi-kun is the operating doctor tonight 😀

In this episode, a large scale of fire happened and around 100 people are sent to the hospital.. and one of them is one pregnant lady, and it’s a story about her.

It’s an episode which is quite exciting and the story are speedy double exclamation

By the way,
The photo of the red cap which i uploaded is the one i bought recently and use it quite often.

I was thinking.. it has been a long time since i wear a red cap…
And i realized that the last time i wore it was during primary school , the red-white cap which we wore at school during exercise (LOL)
※red-white cap is the one which Arashi wore during Shiyagare with TOKIO Nagase aniki.
rei’s words: Urm.. how come i feel that this cap is suitable for Sho’s T.A.B.O.O ? :p

OK, i’m goinig to ganbaru for the rest of the Last Hope filming 😀

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