Unaired talk on Shiyagare 2/2

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The Shiyagare broadcasted on 2013.02.02 where Mukai-kun is the Aniki guest.
Here are some of the unaired talks between them.
Thanks to fans who attended the recording for the report.

Opening talk.
They were talking on they met their hair stylist (five of them shares the same hair stylist), and Sho said “Now we’re going to the same dentist too, so what shall we share next time?”
Aiba said “Why should we share everything?”
Sho answered “Well, that’s more tanoshii~~” LOL

During the talk with Mukai-kun, they talked on their room.
During the on air, Nino mentioned that his room was quite messy, with a lot of receipts and drama’s script, schedule etc scattering on his dining table.

Unaired episode:
Jun mentioned that his room was quite messy too, same as Nino, receipts, varieties materials scattering on the table, and he mentioned also those paper advertisement from his mansion.
Sho said : “Those mansion notice announcement ne”

And as usual, Sho’s room is messy… he never put back the clothes to the wardrobe after drying them…
Ohno said his room is clean, he likes to tidy them.
Aiba’s room is also clean.
The reason is..
Aiba : “I never bring back those materials.”
Others: “HUH?”
Aiba: “I put them inside my car”
Sho : “Your moving car is always dirty!”
Sho said the car which Aiba used is full of materials and magazines are throw everywhere…

During the talk on what they bring always.
During on-air, Sho said sleeping bag.

Unaired episode:
They said Sho’s bag is big (ok… yeah yeah… lol) they asked him what’s inside, he said “hold on.. let me think…” (LOL) And Aiba quickly said “Sho-chan always throw all the pet bottles into his bag”
Sho: “Urm.. yeah… i have the most 7 pet bottles in my bag”
When asked what’s the reason he said, everytime when they’re doing some interview, they’ll be given water, and he cant finished it on the spot,but he feels that he cant leave the pet bottle there… so he always try to bring back all of them. MAJIME !

Aiba mentioned that he always bring along the ball he got from Jun (the one Jun gave to him on his birthday), Sho said ” is it the one Kaba-chan used to squeeze in his butt? (the Shiyagare episode last year)” , Aiba quickly denied it LOL

Talking on girls which are not their type.
Jun mentioned that girls who tend to be to sticky.
Sho: “What if that girl is the one you like? Can you accept her to stick around you?”
Jun: “I’ll tell her that it’s not too good”
Sho: “Like a father!”

Aiba said he doesnt mind his girlfriend sticking to him, but he doesnt like gals who talk loudly on the phone.

They talked on sour plum because Mukai-kun loves it.

It was not aired.. but they actually had it.
Aiba said he doesn’t like umeboshi, and he will never choose the onigiri with umeboshi.
Aiba : “If i ate it, i will take it out….”
Others: “DAME!!”
Hmm….. i never know Aiba doesnt like umeboshi… so he didn’t eat those which Nino mum brings to them in every concert?

Jun asked Koba-san, how he contact with Nagatomo player.
Koba-san said through LINE.
Jun : “Give me your account please~~~”

I love Sho in this episode!!

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12 Comments on “Unaired talk on Shiyagare 2/2”

  • Bea
    12 2月, 2013, 0:33

    Well, Sho puts almost everything on his bag, even the things he thinks that other people might need. He’s such a thoughtful mother hen. And I do understand him on the PET bottle story because I’m also like that – I usually find around 3 or 4 unfinished water bottles in my bag and then I started to wonder why they were so many of these inside my bag. LOL.

    Anyway, thank you for sharing, Rei-san!

    rei125 Reply:

    yeah yeah medicine everything! lol
    hmm.. i always leave the pet bottle around.. or i dont take a new one if i cant finish it.. :p

  • 12 2月, 2013, 0:59

    Uwaaaaa!!! Thanks for sharing!!! I also have that same habit with Sho regarding pet bottle XD
    Aiba’s car –> he’s just like average boy ne XD
    Jun using Line, hmm, I wonder what’s his id *sigh*

    rei125 Reply:

    me too! i wanna know their LINE~~~~~ T_T
    And i wanna sit in their car!!! T_T

  • amivie neski
    12 2月, 2013, 3:24

    thank you so much rei-san!! i’ve never know that ans has un-aired episode~ it’s fun to read!! sho is so considerate regarding the bottles… mother nature~ hehehehe, and ohno is so clean… good boy~ DDD 
    btw, what is LINE?? 
    thank you again!~

    rei125 Reply:

    The shiyagare recording takes more than 2 hours usually, so they talked a lot and did a lot of things, but it’s only 1 hour on-aired plus commercial.
    LINE is an iphone app

  • Hikari~
    12 2月, 2013, 4:06

    Thanks for sharing dearr =DDD… Love your blog so much! =D
    I want to translate this =D and pf course I will give credit =)))))) 

    rei125 Reply:

    arigato~~~~~~~ *kiss*

  • Laoracci
    13 2月, 2013, 23:28

    I also really love Sho in this anishi, he was sooooo cute  >/////____<

    well, thank you so much Rei-san, really love this blog of yours <333

    rei125 Reply:

    Thank you…. T_T
    Don’t have much time for blogging now……….. gomen >_<

  • Laoracci
    13 2月, 2013, 23:37

    and Jun using LINE??! What about Sho?? and other members? I want to know their IDs >_<

    rei125 Reply:

    I would like to know too~~~~ !geeeeee
    i wanna dig out their ID ! LOL

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