Aiba Hope Vol.4 2013.02.05

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GOMEN !!!!
I have been really too busy,, even no time to watch their show real time 泣き顔
Sorry for the delay.. orz
In episode 4, we can rarely see Hatono sensei in his casual look!!

Hatano sensei in casual look in episode 4

Konnichiwa 😀
Aiba Masaki desu double exclamation

It’s the 4th episode for Last Hope at tonight’s 9:00pm yo double exclamation

And tonight it’ll be 10minutes longer than usual double exclamation

Tonight’s story based on the high medical technology double exclamation

And… Takumi’s past….
The truth is going to be out soon… little by little starting episode 4 😀 It was quite a shocking one double exclamation

And the information for tonight’s dessert 😀
It was something which the taste was quite heavy…

The fruit granola chocolate cookies which appeared in episode 1, i mentioned that it was dry and it’s hard to speak while eating, and this time it’s the opposite. This time it sticks in my mouth, and it’s hard to speak…

Yappari we should have cofee while having dessert ne 😀

It’s “setsubun” on 3 Feb (a traditional festival in japan), so the photo which i’m uploading tonight is the L-Kichi of Setsubun version 😀

Do watch “Last Hope” ne 😀

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