Aiba Hope Vol.3 2013.01.29

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Urm……………….. i think the birthday cake for Aiba-chan is a bit gross (気持ち kimochi warui)…orz
I don’t feel like eating the “heart” at all… orz…

It’s episode 3 for “Last Hope” tonight desuyo :D

In this episode, a patient who has some private feud with Yukiyo-san (Koike-san) visited our hospital and seek for his last hope double exclamation

It’s about an operation on orthopedics, and it’s rare for even drama to handle this kinda operation double exclamation
I also had bone fracture in the past, so i’m quite interested in it :D

Besides this, Fukushima-san (Kitamura-san) who is in mid 30s, you can see his scene when he was graduate student :D When i saw it i was thinking i should have challenge Takumi’s role when he was a junior high school student (in episode 1) *LOL*

The photos for this time is the cake for birthday celebration during filming double exclamation

Well, the cake for me and Kohinata-san represents our medical drama… but the cake for Tabe-san was mecha mecha kawaii :D

And the last information for the dessert in this episode.
The dessert in the 3rd episode is the most delicious i’ve ever had until now double exclamation
Do watch “Last Hope” ne :D

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4 Comments on “Aiba Hope Vol.3 2013.01.29”

  • ohmiya
    29 1月, 2013, 23:08

    aaaahh…. sou ne… the cake realated to drama its ok for me,, but I dont feel to eat that too,, cos I cant handle that kind of thing,,,

    in this drama when I watched operation scenes, I not open my eyes full,,, kowai dakara,,,,

  • 30 1月, 2013, 17:21

    Wow, that cake is really a masterpiece!  I could eat it, probably :D Yeah, give some cake to me, Aiba :D LOL

  • Lili
    17 2月, 2013, 18:52

    Is this actually aiba kun righting those posts?
    where does he post them?

    rei125 Reply:

    yes, on johnnys web, only available for members

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