Aiba Hope Vol.2 2013.01.22

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Very sad and touching episode tonight.. it has nothing to do with Aiba or his character..
but… i cried so much after watching it… when the girl’s dad passed away..
I must say Tabe-chan’s acting is great !! I’m really shocked !

The second volume for Aiba Hope (Temp) is here again~ double exclamation

Thank you for those who watched episode 1 of “Last Hope”.

Tonight it’s the 2nd episode dayo :D

In this episode all the doctors united to save the patient, well this is natural and nothing special to mention about it but in this episode, you’ll get to see more “real faces” or secret behind every doctors double exclamation

Of course you cant exclude those operation scene and conference scene :D
I think it’s going to be a very fruitful episode double exclamation
And the supsense is getting more and more exciting~

And i’ve upload photo today too.
This the “L-kichi” put outside the entrance of the studio (item which brings good luck).
It has been put there since our filming on 3 January, when you switch it on, it will dance :D

Oh yeah, by the way, the snack in episode 2 was quite simple and dull.. (Aiba’s character Hatano sensei must have snack every 3pm)
Don’t forget to watch Last Hope ne :D

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2 Comments on “Aiba Hope Vol.2 2013.01.22”

  • amivie neski
    23 1月, 2013, 0:54

    thank you so much!! i haven’t watch Last Hope but it sound interesting to watch!~ \^0^/

  • zydny
    23 1月, 2013, 8:26

    Thank you so much. I love reading Aiba’s messages.

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