Aiba Hope Vol.1 2013.01.15

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OK, the diary for Last Hope starts today.
Aiba named it “AIBA HOPE (TEMP)” , Temp means it’s not fixed… LOL

“Last Hope” Episode 1 is starting tonight at 9pm double exclamation

It’s a very exciting drama about advanced medical care and suspense double exclamation

There are two peaks in episode 1, the conference and the operation scene double exclamation

The script for the conference alone is 21 pages, it’s just like a small stage.

I’m always reading the script, so to make sure that it is not torn, i always cover it with a special book cover 手 (チョキ)

Can you see it? My name is written there exclamation Sugoi right exclamation and question

OK, i will put up this kinda small pictures in this diary ne 😀

About the title “Aiba Hope (temp)” , why is there a “(temp)” there.. well, i just feel like putting it in that way 😀

Ah exclamation and question Souda. In Episode 1, the difficult part in filming was i had a scene where i had to eat the granola cookies, there are fruits inside so it was quite dried.. and i couldnt speak my words well… Urm.. it’s better to have either tea or coffee when you’re having granola cookies (LOL)

There are a lot of stories coming up, revealing a lot of hidden truth.. i believe you all will chase after the drama double exclamation
Do wath “Last Hope” ne 😀

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4 Comments on “Aiba Hope Vol.1 2013.01.15”

  • zydny
    16 1月, 2013, 7:59

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    Thank you! I’m so happy to see this, and I’m excited for Aiba’s new drama. I wish that he will do well with this role.

    rei125 Reply:

    First episode, he did quite well! But still room for improvement on those sentimental scene, i am sure he will ganbaru~

  • amivie neski
    16 1月, 2013, 9:38

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    waaa!! aiba starts his blog?!! sugoi!! and thank you for translating this!! XDDDD it must be full of suspense since its medical-kind-of drama rite? aiba-san’s script must be very long with lots of science and medic terms… must be hard to memorize all of that dialogue~ ganbare aiba-san!! looking forward to watch the drama!! 

    rei125 Reply:

    members always have diary during the drama period, those lines were real long, i dun understand at al the terms lol

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