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YEAH~~~ the once a year (?) photo message is here~
I’ve decided to put their original message here, but please… do not repost, you can link it here if you want.
I hope you can understand that these are all paid contents and Johnnys are strict with them. Well, you wont mind if you’re abroad.. but i am not…

Popcorn, otsukaresama!!!


Popcorn tour has come to an end!

I never think that it’s “common” to be able to hold concert every year, so i really feel gratitude that we can do this again this year. And i shall continue to work hard for 2013 :D

I’ve uploaded a picture!

This was the soba we ate at Fukuoka Dome. It was a 3 days concert, and we ate the same soba for 3 days continuosly one hour before the concert starts :D

The taste of “simple is the best” :D

Goshisou sama deshita!

And, this year we’re confirmed to have Arafes, let’s sing together at that time! :D


This is the photo for Tokyo Dome’s final day.
The cake during Aiba-kun’s surprise birthday(^-^)
We ordered a bit and beautiful cake (And it ended up too big LOL)
After the concert, we distribute it to the others, it was delicious!

This time, four of us sang “Friendship” and sent our message to Aiba-kun.
And… we appeared in chinadress and cook costume…
Iya… it was really fun(^▽^)/

Yeah Yeah Yeah!

The fun concert has finally came to an end.
The concert starts last year and it last until this year.. but when it ends, you just feel as if time flies.

To those who came, hontoni arigato!!
Yappari it feels so special that we can meet directly and have communication directly.
And to those who cant join us, we understand your feeling and we appreciate your wish (^-^)

We received a lot of courage and power from you all!


We will try to create more chance for us to meet this year, so before that let’s spend each day meaningfully.

It was a very enjoyable tour!!

I’m going to ganbaru this year too !!!


END — double exclamation


Everything has ended successfully :D るんるん (音符)
The tour which has started in November last year.

Iya.. it was enjoyable.
It was fun.

To those who join, thank you so much.
And to those who cant join but supporting us too.
…. And to those who are not (LOL)

Hontoni Arigato gozaimashita double exclamation

Another good membrance for me (LOL)
With this i think i can enjoy myself this year too (LOL)
I feel that i can lead a very good 2013 double exclamation

Arigato :D double exclamation

My photo was the menu we had at shushi-ya.
It was delicious yo (LOL)
Osyare dayone (LOL)


Doumo~! Ohno desu 手 (パー)手 (パー) Popcorn tour has ends successfully ぴかぴか (新しい) Otsukaresamadeshita !!!!! We had Arafes too, but actually we had Popcorn meeting before that, and this time i’m in charge of the dance :D So the feeling of achievement was quite big this year :D And we tried many things we did not do before, everything starts freshly and ends freshly. Time really flies :D We had a party after the last day, and i feel so touched to see sooooooooooooooo many staffs who are in charge of this tour! And fans who participated, you all really make the whole atmosphere so good ! Thank you so much! :D ぴかぴか (新しい)ぴかぴか (新しい) We wanna keep continuing producing better live, so i’m waiting for ideas from you all (LOL) 手 (パー) Thank you for keep on supporting us 黒ハート黒ハート It’s so shiawase to have such a good live :D The picture i uploaded is the okonomiyaki we had ad Osaka. I feel that it’s nothing special to just spread the mayonaise in normal way, so i tried to draw the Arashi crown mark ぴかぴか (新しい) Kawaii desho 手 (チョキ) You think that i put too much mayonaise exclamation and questionあせあせ (飛び散る汗)あせあせ (飛び散る汗) Actually it’s just good 黒ハート Gochisou sama deshita. Saa! Let’s enjoy 2013 指でOK指でOK Hontoni arigato gozaimashita ぴかぴか (新しい)ぴかぴか (新しい)ぴかぴか (新しい)ぴかぴか (新しい)ぴかぴか (新しい)



It’s me. Sakurai desu.

Popcorn tour has “all-over”.

Yesterday we had a party with all the staffs.
We partied up the whole night..

Before our concert starts on the last day, i went to the backstage and saw this.. (the picture).

This !! is hand made!! SAIKOU !

We really feel happy.

2013 starts with concert.

I’ve mentioned this in my speech…

To those who came..

And also those who cant join..

Hontoni arigatou gozaimashita m(___)m

Today it shall be another start for those “normal” days..
I’ll lead my days with all the energy i’ve got from you all.

Dewa dewa…

Popcorn tour.

It has end! Azamashita!! (Meaning arigatou gozaimasu)

Sakurai Sho

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13 Comments on “Ura Arashi Popcorn – Special photo message from member”

  • yuui
    14 1月, 2013, 20:05

    LOL it’s hard to read Ohno’s message >< 
    He never use new line ne XDD (the exact opposite of Sho XD) but his arashi crown mark by mayonaise is really good :O
    And I'm surprise Jun didn't use emogi in his message :O

    Thank you for sharing :D

    rei125 Reply:

    it’s hard for me to translate too :p
    i also wanna cook okonomiyaki with arashi crown mayonaise :p

  • zydny
    14 1月, 2013, 21:58

    Thank you so much for sharing these messages. You are very kind to take the time to translate so that Arashi fans can read them, too. It makes me so happy to visit your site. Arigatou..

    rei125 Reply:

    i am getting very busy lately, but i will try to ^^

  • Riruda
    14 1月, 2013, 23:44

    Thank you for sharing!
    I’m always happy to visit your site and reading their message! Because I don’t live in Japan and couldn’t read it anywhere.. I’m glad there are still someone who want to share this..
    And for Arashi, otsukaresama deshita!! I hope they will release Popcorn DVD.. :P

    rei125 Reply:

    i’m sure popcorn dvd will be out~~ maybe around summer ? :p

  • 14 1月, 2013, 23:49

    LOL Omg Ohno’s message XD; And Sakurai’s message is so neat! I really like the picture Ohno and Sakurai took~

    rei125 Reply:

    all are SHo except Sho :p

  • zie
    17 1月, 2013, 20:13

    Thanks for translating their messages..
    i’m really happy every time i read ur blog…  ^-^
    i feel like so close to them even though i’m not in Japan.. :)
    thanks for doing this to the fans..haha..
    uwaA..i’m glad i love ARASHI..!!
    Those gonin SAIKOU!!!

    rei125 Reply:

    i’m happy to hear people enjoying reading too~ thank you :)

  • fanni kun
    20 1月, 2013, 13:02

    Ohchan…Ohchan…Finally you can more talk. Hiks..hiks..sobs..sobs…
    You add emoticon too. 
    Thank you ‘arashi daisuki’ for translate.

    rei125 Reply:

    riida’s msg is hard to translate without “newline” LOL

  • Hikari~
    16 2月, 2013, 1:41

    thank you soo much for sharing  =)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Ridaa why  you so cute =D

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