Reports on Popcorn Nagoya First Day 2013.01.11

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I did not attend, this’s what i read from japanese fans reports or from friends, so i’m just typing out what i heard.
This is their first job together as five since 2013, and Sho said it’s going to be a good start~
Photos from previous Popcorn~ Japanese wordings from japanese fans

MC Talk

S: Minna, how did you spend your new year holidays? I saw Matsujun on wide show a lot!

J:Ah, friend’s wedding ne.

S: I was curious, so i watched it. Ayone watched too?

But…. not much response from the audience.. (LOL)
J:Maa… i shouldnt be in the spotlight too since it’s friend’s wedding ne

N: 迷惑かけないようにね
N: Can’t create trouble to them ne

A: 俺さー、あれ何年前だろ?何年前の正月にプーケット行ったの。でさ正月の空港って凄いと思って!もしかしたら写るかと思って髪もこう整えて!くると思ったのに!だーれもいなかった。笑
A: Few years back, i forgot when was it, i went to Phuket on New Year holidays. I thought there’re going to be a lot of people at airport on new year, and i thought maybe i will be photographed, so i set up my hair, but no one at the airport LOL

S: 俺もさー3年前の正月にインド行ったのよ。で空港凄いよな、と思って一応事務所の人に言ったの。元日にインド行くけど、もしかしたら映るかな、大丈夫?って。一緒に行く友達にも、ごめんね、元日だからさ、もしかしたら迷惑かけちゃうかも。(続)テレビに写るかもしれないから一応親にも言っといてよ、って。そしたら成田、ターミナル違ってだーれもいないの!インド行!元日からインド行く日本人なんかいねえよって!笑
S: 3 years ago, i went to India during new year. I also thought that the airport is going to be very sugoi, full of people, so i told the company that i’m going to India on new year and maybe i will be captured at airport and appear on tv, is that alright. I also told the friend who’s going with me that he might be pictured, so i asked him to tell his parents that he might appear on tv. Who knows the terminal is different, and no one was there! Let’s go India on New Year!, i suppose no one will think like that ne! LOL

N: 普通ハワイとかオーストラリアとかね。」
N: Normally it’s either Hawaii or Australia ne

S: みんな満喫できた?松潤どうだったの?
S: So everyone enjoyed your holiday? How was it, Matsujun?

J: いやー本当にいい結婚式だったよ。ブライズメイドとアッシャーって言うの?新郎と新婦の介添人みたいな人が男女5人それぞれいて、それをやって。英国式なのかな?お手伝いでずっと横にいてさ
J: Iya.. It was really a good wedding dayo. The bridesmaid and how to call it, the people beside the bride and bridegroom, altogether 5 male and female, it’s just like a wedding for British style. I was standing at the side of them, helping out.

Actually Nino was invited also but he turned down and did not attend.
The reason is…
N: 海外の結婚式って・・・何着ていいかわかんなかった(笑)ハワイでって・・・アロハ?(笑)
N: I dunno what to wear for wedding held abroad (LOL) Hawaii… Aloha? (LOL)

J: アロハも居たよ。みんなそれぞれカラー決めてジャケットとか。
J: There are people with aloha fashion also yo. Everyone wears colorful one, with jacket.

Jun said since Nino rejected Jun has to gather another 3 people together with Toma (forming 5 people), they sang and danced Arashi’s melody.
One love, Happiness and A・RA・SHI ♪
J: 斗真があまりにも踊れたから。多分相葉くんより踊れてたよ
J: Toma danced well, i think it’s much better than Aiba-kun

A: 「は!? 俺現役ですけど? 斗真とかOBじゃん!
A: Huh? I’m still singing and dancing now yo? Toma.. he’s already OB!

N: いやいやOBではないだろ!
N: Iyaiya.. Toma is not OB!

By the way, when Jun told their company that he’s going to Hawaii,,, the staffs told him…. “please do not get sunburn!!” LOL
So Jun said he applied a lot of lotion!! LOL

S: 俺はね、4日から松本で撮ってたんだけど、朝からだったから3日の夜中に出発したの。だから3日からみたいなものだね
S: I started my filming on the 4th at Matsumoto, but since the filming was on morning, we departed to Matsumoto on 3rd’s night. So the feeling is just like i start working on the 3rd.

A: 前のりね。移動も仕事のうちだからね
A: Transporting is also just like working ne.

S: かっこいいこと言うね!そう!仕事なんだよ
S: You really say it well ! Yeah, it’s work dayo

S: 我々は正月から働いてたからね
S: We start working on new year.

M: そうだね
M: Sodane.

S: いつから?
S: When did you start work?

M: 3日からだね
M: 3rd

S: 何話だったの?
S: Which episode?

M: 2と3話かな~1話はもう出来てるから
M: Should be the 2nd or 3rd episode coz the first episode already taken.

S: 見たの?
S: Have you watched it?

A: 見た!DVDもらってるから
A: YES ! I received the DVD

S: え!見して貸して触らせて!
S: EH! I wanna watch too, lend me !

A: LOL Iiyo

MC talk before double encore

O: 正月に実家に帰って、カーギーちゃんに会ったらもう40〜50cmになっていたと!!「最初は20cmくらいだったのに…
O: I went back during new year, and met Ka-gi- (his pet), it was already 40-50cm tall!! Last time it was only 20cm…

Members were saying that… “Do you need to talk so detailed?” LOL
A: 実家に帰ると姪のりこちゃん?(曖昧…)がいて、1歳半になったからもういいだろうと抱っこしたら、見事に泣かれたと(笑)
A: I went back too during new year and met my niece Rico-chan (couldnt hear properly), she’s already 1.5 years old and i thought it should be ok, so when i try to carry her but.. she cried (LOL)

N: お正月に実家に帰ったら姪っ子が出来てたんですよ。
N: When i went back during new year, i suddenly found that i had a niece!

J: 急には姪っ子は出来ないでしょ(笑)
J: A children couldnt pop up suddenly! (LOL)

N: その姪っ子のお母さんが私の履歴書送った人ですよ。おじさんになりました。おじさんになって再デビューしました。
N: The niece’s mum is the one who sent my resume to Johnny’s last time. Now i’ve become uncle. I start my 2013 with uncle debut.


When Riida was asked since it’s hisashiburi for them to dance, whom did he worry most, Riida answered without 2nd thought,, it’s “SHO-CHAN” !! LOL
Sho made a mistake in the dance for SuperFresh. He was supposed to be at the back at the chorus but he danced in front.
S: やっべって思ったから踊りながらちょっとずつ後ろ下がってたんだけど(笑)
S: I thought it was YABAI, so i tried to move backward little but little… (LOL)

N: それが全然下がれてない!!ww
N: But you did not move backward at all! LOL

J: 下手したらそれリーダーが間違ってるように見えるからね(笑)
J: People might thought that it’s Riida’s mistake!

A: ひとりだしね
A: Riida was dancing there alone ne

They talked about how many new year incoming mails the received, Riida got 50 and Jun 15.

J’s movie will crank in next week.

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    thank you so much!! this is fun to read!  it’s funny how nino suddenly found out he’s an uncle… his cousin is the one who send the resume rite? sugoi-naa~ suddenly feeling old already too… ^_^
    btw, thank you so much for the DVD!! haven’t watch them yet.. T_T cannot find the perfect timing~ yare yare… but thank you so much! the DVD makes me feel so happy!!

    rei125 Reply:

    ya, his cousin 🙂
    it’s ok, try to find time to watch, especially “Shake it”, it’s so funny!! lol

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    part MC Talk.
    Where are Ridaa~ where are you!
    He he he, thank you for share story.

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    maybe he is changing :p
    but.. the concert which i attended.. he never speak at all!! LOL

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