Incoming mail from Nino 2013.01.03

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NINO-CHAN, gomen!!!!
Anyone still interested…? orz..

Title = Soon…

Once again.. Happy new year double exclamation

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu this year too double exclamation

So, “kotatsu DE arashi” is going to start soon :D
There will be a lot on our old videos (LOL)
It’s so nostalgic ne (LOL)

And it’ll be “VS Arashi SP” after it, we’ll be competing with Tonneruzu double exclamation
We had compete twice before this and right now it’s 1 win 1 lose, so.. the final champion will be determined tonight…

We really had a good fight yo double exclamation
…. hmm.. it sounds weird for me to say this myself (LOL)
Anyway, do enjoy it double exclamation

And it’s J’s drama “Lucky Seven SP” after that, Yoropiku~ double exclamation

Ninomiya Kazunari

The reason why i was late was because i read Nino’s mail from my handphone and by the time i checked on Johnny’s web, it has been deleted… がまん顔
So i cant capture photo uploaded by Nino… もうやだ〜 (悲しい顔) This is the one grabbed online.. and the size is small… do bear with it… gomen….

Nino’s photo: Studio of Kotatsu de Arashi

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4 Comments on “Incoming mail from Nino 2013.01.03”

  • Valerie
    8 1月, 2013, 1:44

    i’m still interested!!! XD
    thank you so much for sharing this <3

    rei125 Reply:

    hahaha good then :p

  • 8 1月, 2013, 6:04

    Me too :)

    I was thinking that it was strange that there weren’t a mail from Nino. But Im glad that you had time to translate it :) Thank you for sharing!

    rei125 Reply:

    ooohhh i thought no one realized because no one reminds me *LOL*
    glad to hear that, and i’m sure Nino will be happy to know too :p

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