Baystorm 2013.01.06 Story of NinoAi and Sho&Nino

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I seldom translate radio talks, just update them on facebook just like the previous recommend where Aiba phoned his mum, but today, Nino talked on Aiba and Sho, so just thought of writing. You know, i love member’s story~~黒ハート

One listener called in and asked on the birthday celebration for Aiba-chan at Tokyo Dome.
Nino said it was very taihen since early in the morning *LOL* (preparation ne) but he’s glad that Aiba chan was very happy.
Then STBY said Aiba-chan has been controlling hard not to cry.
Nino : Eh, he didnt cry?
STBY : He has been controlling hard, until one point where he couldn’t control anymore. Ah, you all were at the backstage changing for china dress, so you all didn’t see it right.
Nino : You mean he cried when we were changing chinadress?
STBY : Yeah, messages by four of you were played on the screen when you all were changing right. When Ninomiya sensei’s message was read, he finally cried.
Nino : Of course.
Nino : Of course, i wrote the best comment.
STBY : Iya iya, minna’s comment was good.
Nino : He really feel touched?
Nino : Ah…. Mitai-na.. (I wanna see), Mitai-na…. Mitai…

Nino… i wanna see too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE, PUT THEM IN DVD !!! PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The next story was on Sho.
Another listener wrote in and said she read a recent magazine and inside stated that Nino wears specs at home.
So the listener asked what type of specs he wore.
STBY was quite surprise because Nino’s eyesight was good.
STBY : Your eyesight is very good right?
Nino : Yeah, second to my looks… (HAHHAHAHAHA NINO !!!! FUNNY GUY !!!!! 顔の次にいいって!!)
Nino said Sho-chan shoots the JINS CM, so he got a free pair of specs, then Sho told him that the specs can cut down the blue ray from pc and tv or smartphone, and it’s good for eyes, so Sho gave him the specs!!!! (Maybe because Sho knows Nino likes to play games??)
KYA~~~ Sho-chan yasashii~~~~~~~~
So Ninomi is wearing JINS specs presented by Sho ♡♡♡

p/s: For those who has not read the previous post, here is the celebration for Aiba’s birthday at Tokyo Dome.

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14 Comments on “Baystorm 2013.01.06 Story of NinoAi and Sho&Nino”

  • ohmiya
    7 1月, 2013, 9:10

    I love member’s story too…!!!!

    rei125 Reply:


  • Sartika
    7 1月, 2013, 23:14

    Kyaaa Love members story esp Sakumiya <3 <3 -<
    Sho-chan please give me too XDXD

    rei125 Reply:

    i want JINS too!!

  • jenice
    8 1月, 2013, 2:59

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Sho-chan, you are so kind to everybody. thanks for concern about nino’s eye.
    As you mention because he really love to play game. So, he have to protect his eye for seeing fans, right? Actually I fall in love with his eye contact between all performances every time.

    rei125 Reply:

    Nino likes to wink! lol
    Sho should be looking at PC all the time… wonder if he’s wearing one JINS at home too…. lol

  • 8 1月, 2013, 6:08

    Love thath he got so exctied about the fact that Aiba started to cry at his comments. Well, those really were touching too. And mama-Sho 🙂 Nice!

    Thank you for sharing!

    rei125 Reply:

    Indeed Nino’s words are the most touching one ne….. *cry*
    Sho is really a mama… from hand lotion to body lotion to specs!! *LOL*

  • nik izyan
    9 1月, 2013, 21:01

    Arigatou ne~

    Really love member-ai!!! ii na~ i want jins spec too!!! Hoshii!!!

    rei125 Reply:

    me too!!!

  • Angela
    16 2月, 2013, 16:40

    This is really touching. T__T I am late for this comment but *sigh* this warms my heart. ♥
    Thank you.

    rei125 Reply:

    welcome 🙂

  • mimi0108
    31 1月, 2014, 9:18

    This is a great story ! Thank you for sharing ^_^

    Is there a chance for fans to see Nino at Baystorm’s studio ?

    I would like to see him at least once.

    rei125 Reply:


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